By using Graceland University provided websites you agree to use the services in an appropriate way that aligns with Graceland’s Vision, Mission and Values. Graceland is founded on the core values of caring and community. Appropriate use of My Graceland resources upholds the worth of all participants and respects their viewpoints, rights, and feelings. All users are expected to maintain civility in a diverse and caring community.


Graceland respects freedom of speech but reserves the right to remove and control content posted on all pages delivered by University owned servers. Graceland has the right to monitor content and edit or delete anything found to violate this agreement.


Inappropriate uses of My Graceland include, but are not limited to those specifically prohibited by local, state or federal law. Without limitation, examples of inappropriate uses include:

• Using the services to commit a criminal offense.
• Posting any unlawful, threatening, libelous, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, profane, or otherwise objectionable content.
• Impersonating other users or claiming to speak for any group you do not represent.
• Intentionally uploading any content containing viruses or other malicious coding.
• Uploading content that infringes intellectual rights of others including any materials you do not hold the copyrights to.
• Maliciously altering or damaging the websites, their system files or configuration.
• Intentionally disrupting the use of the websites.
• Spamming addresses found on the websites with advertisements or other unwanted messages.
• Creating links to sites that contain content that does not follow the above demands.
• Using the sites to inure benefit for private or political gain in violation of Graceland's tax-exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3).


Disciplinary action will be taken against students, faculty, and staff found to be in violation of this agreement. Serious misuse may result in expulsion and termination of university employment. Alumni, prospective students, and other users in violation of this agreement will have their access removed.

Cases involving violation of local, state or federal laws will be referred to external authorities as directed by the President.


Graceland gives no guarantee of uninterrupted or error free access. You agree to use the sites as-is. Graceland holds no responsibility to the loss of content including assignments when uploaded to the web servers. Therefore you should maintain your own copies of any personal content.


Website users are also bound by the general Technology Ethics and Use Policy