SUBJECT: Technology Ethics and Use Policy (Acceptable Use Policy)

PURPOSE: To communicate expectations for the appropriate use of Graceland-owned technology.


Users of Graceland's technological tools will respect the human dignity, privacy, and sensitivity of each other and the general public while using the tools made available by Graceland. Graceland reserves the right to routinely monitor technology resources. While the privilege of privacy of personal files or messages on Graceland-owned computers and voice mail systems will be respected to the extent possible and subject to the right of Graceland to access any files to officially investigate or to accomplish necessary system maintenance, users of Graceland-owned computers have no legal expectations of privacy with respect to personal files or messages stored on the computer hard drive or stored in or transmitted through Graceland’s system/servers. Additionally, users of non-Graceland-owned computers have no legal expectations of privacy with respect to personal files or messages stored in or transmitted through Graceland’s system/servers.

All technology provided by Graceland is covered by this policy, including computers, networks, Internet services, telephones, voice mail, fax machines, photocopiers, cable TV and all associated software and data. Such technology is provided to accomplish Graceland's educational mission in accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), under which Graceland receives its tax-exempt status.

Graceland's network enables access to external facilities, systems, and other networks over which Graceland has no control, including related capabilities which are incidental to providing such access. Certain of these resources may not support Graceland's goals and objectives.

Although Graceland does not exercise editorial or censorship control of such external resources, Graceland expects that the technology will not be used for purposes which are illegal, immoral, or inconsistent with Graceland's mission.

Academic and professional work pertaining to Graceland's goals and objectives take precedence over the use of resources for entertainment.

Graceland may establish additional standards of conduct with designated technology or in specific areas (e.g. Microlabs, classrooms, etc.) Inappropriate uses of technology include, but are not limited to those specifically prohibited by local, state or federal law. Without limitation, examples of inappropriate uses of technology include:

▪ harassment - sending of harassing, threatening or obscene material to minors and/or non-consenting adults or any attempts to confuse or frustrate another user in achieving their objectives.;

▪ random or unauthorized bulk sending or mailing of messages; inappropriate use of access, any disregard for the security mechanisms that are in place or other attempts to gain unauthorized access to Graceland's technical resources. This includes possession of or attempts to acquire another user's password or allowing others access to technology resources that are not allocated for their use;

▪ failure to comply with software license restrictions - All licenses for software that are licensed by Graceland will be filed by ITS.

▪ disruption of service - damaging any resource in such a way that it creates a disruption of the normally expected service from that resource, including generating excessive network traffic and/or interfering with the normal functioning of the network ;

▪ cheating - use of technology resources to achieve academic credit by dishonest or deceitful means;

▪ copyright infringement; forgery; malicious transmission of a computer virus;

▪ malicious alteration of system files or configuration;

▪ abuse of established storage space limitations;

▪ use of any resource to inure benefit for private or political gain in violation of Graceland's tax-exempt status under IRC Section 501(c)(3).

Content shared by “peer-to-peer” (p2p) applications may be violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and violates GracelandUniversity policy by generating excessive network traffic and interfering with the normal functioning of the network. These applications are prohibited on the GracelandUniversity network. This means that:

▪ Peer-to-peer file sharing applications including, but not limited to, Napster, Gnutella, Kazaa, AudioGalaxy, iMesh, and others, may not be installed or used on computers owned or managed by GracelandUniversity.

▪ Peer-to-peer file sharing applications including, but not limited to, Napster, Gnutella, Kazaa, AudioGalaxy, iMesh, and others, may not be installed or used on computers attached to the GracelandUniversity network, regardless of their ownership.

▪ The Graceland University Information Technology staff may, in order to ensure compliance with Graceland policies and Federal or State Law, inspect and remove any of the prohibited software from any equipment currently or previously attached to the GracelandUniversity network.


Graceland reserves the right to take corrective/disciplinary action in the event of inappropriate use of technology, which may include but not be limited to the following:

Cases involving suspicion of inappropriate use of technology by students will be investigated by the Information Technology Services Department. If violations are confirmed, a referral for disciplinary action will be made to the Dean of Students. A determination of serious misuse may result in suspension from the university. In cases involving misuse of resources allocated for a particular course, the course instructor may assign a failing grade.

Cases involving inappropriate use of technology by employees, including student workers, will be handled in accordance with existing personnel policies. Serious misuse may result in termination of university employment. Cases involving violation of local, state or federal laws will be referred to external authorities as directed by the Vice President of Business Services of Graceland University.

Cases involving non-students or non-employees will be referred to the area supervisor who will take action appropriate to the incident. This may include contact with Graceland security and/or referral to other external authorities for action. Serious misuse may result in expulsion from all Graceland facilities for an indefinite period of time.