Residence Halls close at 3pm on Sunday, May 2 - graduates have until 5pm.  With prior approval, graduating Seniors living in the Small & Thomas Apartments have until Monday, May 3 at 2pm.  Other exceptions for academic or performance-based activities, must be submitted to and approved by the Residence Life Office by April 16 th. 
To avoid a fine, you must sign up in advance and check out with your House President before you leave.  Failure to check out properly will result in a $100 fine.
If you wish to close your account at the local bank , please do so AFTER your last payroll is deposited.  
If you wish to change where your payroll is deposited , a new ACH Deposit Authorization must be completed in Human Resources Office before Friday, April 24, 2020.   
Keys, padlocks, library books, athletic equipment etc.
Please complete the Summer Mailing Address Form on My Graceland .
Meal Plan Flex Points and Activity Fee GBucks do not carry over from spring semester to the fall semester.
GBucks purchased above and beyond the Activity Fee GBucks do not expire when the semester ends (as long as you are enrolled for the following semester).
Questions? Please contact Food Service at 641.784.5339.