Graceland is going through a multi-year change in our Wi-Fi that is unfortunately confusing. We have 2 public Lamoni networks. Visitors and students will need to set up their devices to connect to both to get coverage across campus.

Most of the campus use the SSID Graceland PublicA (shown with the yellow tags below). Helene, Shaw, Zimmermann, Closson, Hampton, Walden and the outside access in the sports complex still use the older SSID Graceland Public (shown with the blue tags below).

If you set both to connect automatically, you'll be set. 




The secured Wi-Fi for employee use is also divided by the same way. Buildings in the yellow zone use GUSecureWirelessA while the older blue zone has a mix of GUInsideWireless and GUSecureWireless. GUInsidewireless will eventually go away.