The purpose of Student Life is to make Graceland a home for all students.  We collaborate with the Graceland community to cultivate a culture where students discern who they are called to be, and where resources, support and opportunities are provided to help them answer that call.

These resources, support and opportunities are provided through the following areas: Campus Ministries, CAP Center, Intercultural Programs, Residence Life, Retention Services, Student Activities, and Graceland Student Government.

Dave Schaal

Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students



Jolene Frost

Administrative Assistant for Student Life


The Dean of Students is responsible for student-related programs and services other than those assigned to be a part of the academic program.
The Dean is a student advocate who provides leadership for the Student Life area. Responsibilities of the Dean of Students include sponsoring the Graceland Student Government, coordination for co-curricular programming, administering the student judicial process and administering programs designed to enhance the co-curricular educational experiences of students.