Finding a Job . . . .

 Step 1. Meet the student employment criteria. See the previous section for eligibility information.

Step 2. Complete a Student Worker Application. This form is required of all students seeking employment. Upperclassmen who have previously completed and submitted this form will still be required to complete it on an annual basis.
Step 3. Come prepared. When you come to campus, bring different forms of identification. Federal and State law require original documentation to be viewed by Student Employment personnel before being photocopied.  A picture ID along with an original social security card or a certified copy of your birth certificate are needed to complete your forms. A passport can also be used. 

Step 4.  It doesn't hurt to prepare a resume either. Not all student positions require a resume. However having one will add that extra touch when you inquire about an open position.

You've Been Hired! Now What?

  1. Sign the Student Employment Contract
  2. Sign the  Confidentiality Agreement          
  3. Complete  Federal W-4 and State W-4 Forms (Submit them to the Student Employment Office on the main floor of the Library)
  4. Complete Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form )
  5. Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form or Student Payroll Deduct Form         
If supervisors assign students to work before the student has filled out and turned in the above payroll forms, the student will not be able to get paid.
Federal guidelines prohibit students from working during scheduled class periods.
You must provide a copy of your class schedule to your department supervisor so that your work schedule can be arranged. They will set specific hours for you to work. You are not permitted to work while your class is meeting.