What kind of jobs are there?  

See pages 3 - 7 in the Student Employment Handbook to give you more information about what jobs are considered student employment.    


Can I work as many hours as I want? 

No. The amount you earn cannot exceed your work study award. On average, students are eligible for 10 hours per week or a maximum of $2,000 per academic year.   

When assigning the number of work hours, the student employment office (as well as your direct supervisor) will consider your class schedule, athletic or other commitments as well as your academic progress.   

Are the jobs on-campus or off-campus?

Most of our student jobs are on campus. We do have students who work at one of our off-campus positions, such as Coliseum Theatre, Tutoring at Lamoni High School, Daycare at Funshine Learning Center or at the local town Library.


How many jobs can I have on campus?

Each student that meets the employment criteria cannot work more than 2 jobs in any given semester. Between the 2 positions, the student cannot work more than an average of 10 hours per week or a maximum of $2,000 per academic year.    


When is payday?

Students are paid on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month.    


How do I account for my time worked?

A web-based timesheet must be completed and submitted by the student before midnight on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.  The supervisor will approve your timesheet on Monday before noon.   


Where do I find timesheets?  

Students will access their time sheet electronically at https://my.graceland.edu/ICS/Employment/My_Time_Entry.jnz  Click on My Time Entry.  Please take care to enter your hours accurately.    


 I have gone into My Time Entry and do not have access to my time sheet.  Why is this?

If you are a new Work Study student, you must complete your payroll paperwork (federal and state tax withholding forms, I-9, direct deposit form) and turn the forms into the student employment office along with your ID’s before you will be given access to your time sheet.  


Should I round my time when I enter it into my time sheet?

No, you need to enter the exact times you worked.  


How does my supervisor approve my hours?

Each time you enter hours worked, you must hit “ save” at the bottom of the page.


At the end of the pay period you must hit “ submit” which says,“clicking submit becomes your electronic signature acknowledging your submitted time as accurate and ready for supervisor approval”.  Once you have done this, you will not able to enter more hours. But this will let your supervisor know you have submitted your time sheet for their approval. This should only be done on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month BEFORE midnight.   


What if I miss submitting my time sheet or forget to enter my hours?

Contact your supervisor and the Student Employment Coordinator. Your hours will be added to the following pay period and you will need to wait until the following pay period to be paid for those hours.  


Can I get a cash advance?