The Office of Student Activities is located in the Newcom Student Union on the Mezzanine (Office 32) and offers a wide variety of programs, services, events and social opportunities for the campus community on a regular basis. It is our philosophy that a strong co-curricular program must support the mission of the institution.

The Director of Student Activities, Melinda Graham, is responsible for advising students and working with them to develop exciting and stimulating campus programs. This office works closely with the Campus Organization for Social Activities (COSA) to develop programs funded by the student activity fee.

All students are encouraged to participate in and take a leadership role in the campus programming effort. The goal is to not only provide quality programs, but to develop leadership in those students planning, coordinating, and assisting in the program implementation.

The Student Activities office can also help with vending machine problems, refunds, and more!

Our office is open daily from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday with Game Room Workers on duty everyday of the week so you can borrow or rent equipment for a night of fun! 


Game Room

Check out our Game Room located in the Newcom Student Union (Room 30).

Pool, ping-pong, various card games are all available at the tip of your fingers to help pass some spare time! All you need is your student ID to be able to check out the equipment and enjoy some free leisure time with your roommate, friends, or even family when they are visiting!