Choices is Graceland’s premier off-campus night spot! Choices provides a safe and fun social atmosphere for Graceland students in a tobacco and alcohol-free environment.

Choices is the creative end-product of a student initiated request in 1985 for the University to provide safe and healthy weekend social options for students. Working together, students and administrators designated space in the Coliseum basement to open this new and exciting endeavor. After several name suggestions the title Choices was selected by a student focus group.

Since that time Choices has worked closely with student clubs and organizations as well as COSA to provide a wide array of events. Every weekend Choices transforms itself into new entertainment and social options for Graceland students. Programs range from dance club nights, theme parties, pool tournaments, competitive eating events, house pride nights, music decade themes, costume parties, etc. Student employees generate the creative ideas, develop the programs and work the weekend shifts (Saturday nights from 11:00 pm-2:00 am) to make it all happen.

Choices is now located in the Alley on Linden Street. Choices is open Saturday night from 11:00 pm-2:00 am.

Under the direction of the Student Activities office, Choices continues to support the University values and is a tobacco and alcohol-free establishment. For more information, contact the Student Activities Office @ #5233 or #5230 to find out more about our weekend programming!