The Office of Student Activities is located in the Newcom Student Union on the Mezzanine (Office 32) and offers a wide variety of programs, services, events and social opportunities for the campus community on a regular basis. It is our philosophy that a strong co-curricular program must support the mission of the institution.

The Director of Student Activities, Melinda Graham, is responsible for advising students and working with them to develop exciting and stimulating campus programs. This office works closely with the Campus Organization for Social Activities (COSA) to develop programs funded by the student activity fee.

All students are encouraged to participate in and take a leadership role in the campus programming effort. The goal is to not only provide quality programs, but to develop leadership in those students planning, coordinating, and assisting in the program implementation.

The Student Activities office can also help with vending machine problems, refunds, and more!

Our office is open daily from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday with Game Room Workers on duty everyday of the week so you can borrow or rent equipment for a night of fun! 


Game Room

Check out our Game Room located in the Newcom Student Union (Room 30).

Pool, ping-pong, various card games are all available at the tip of your fingers to help pass some spare time! All you need is your student ID to be able to check out the equipment and enjoy some free leisure time with your roommate, friends, or even family when they are visiting! 

Disc Golf!

Disc Golf Discs can be rented from the Student Activities Office with a student ID! We also have brand new ones on display that can be purchased starting at $8! Graceland University has an 18 Disc Golf Course that pars at 54 and can be played for FREE anytime!


Student Activities has partnered with the Lamoni Golf & Country Club to ensure that students can golf for FREE anytime they want! Swing by the Student Activities Office (Lower Level of Library) to collect a coupon and visit the club anytime you can!

101 Things To Do at Graceland

Below is a list of 101 Things To Do at Graceland University! Don't say there isn't anything to do :-)

Complete as many as you can- Good Luck!

  1. Go to the Fitz (bring your ID)
  2. Go to Choices (Saturdays from 11:00 pm- 2:00 am @ The Alley)
  3. Go to House Meeting (Tuesdays at 10:00 pm)
  4. Join a club (Visit the Student Activities office for a full list of clubs)
  5. Create a club (Visit the Student Activities office to get started)
  6. Play pool (Game Room)
  7. Play Disc Golf (Student Activities can supply the discs)
  8. Attend an auction at the Sale Barn on Thursday mornings
  9. Go to the Farmer’s Market
  10. Shop at the Lamoni Thrift Store
  11. Get a coffee or smoothie from Linden St. Coffee House
  12. Shop at the Antique stores, Boutiques, etc. in downtown Lamoni
  13. Have a bonfire at the Fire Pit (Commons Lawn or Big G)
  14. Visit Freddie’s Café in the Student Success Center
  15. Play Air Hockey (Game Room)
  16. Eat at Subway
  17. Shoot some hoops in the gym (Closson Center)
  18. Challenge your friends to a board game (Game Room)
  19. Eat popcorn in the Success Studio for Mentoring Mondays
  20. Go to a football game
    1. Volleyball
    2. Soccer
    3. Wrestling
    4. Track Meet
    5. Basketball
  21. Participate in Intramurals
  22. Attend a tutoring session
  23. Meet with your Academic Advisor
  24. Go to a choir concert
  25. Go see a movie for $7 (Coliseum- Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  26. Visit the Library
  27. Eat at Pizza Hut
  28. Go to the Commons and try the best Chocolate Milk
  29. Hang out in the Tess Morgan Great Room
  30. Buy yourself a sweatshirt at the Bookstore
  31. Get a free cookie on Fridays in the Student Lounge
  32. Celebrate New Year’s In November
  33. Paint the bell
  34. Go to an Iowa Cub’s Game
  35. Load up a car and take a trip to Wal-Mart
  36. Have a chocolate shake from Maid-Rite
  37. Buy something from the Amish Store
  38. Check out North Park
  39. Eat at the Mexican Restaurant in Lamoni
  40. Send a letter back home through the Mail Room
  41. Play golf at the Golf Course
  42. Visit the Dimora Chapel
  43. Go see Student’s work at the Art Gallery
  44. Eat at Sale Barn
  45. Participate in Airband
  46. Ice Skate (Once the lakes are frozen)
  47. Roller Skate
  48. Get a cheese burger from the Concession Stands
  49. Bike, walk, run the trail
  50. Fish in Big G
  51. Attend a Lamoni High School Basketball Game
  52. Go to Afterglow
  53. Participate in House Games
  54. Take a class in Resch
  55. Walk to Kum & Go and get your favorite snack
  56. Get as many wristbands as possible at Final Fling
  57. Rent a movie from Red Box at Kum & Go
  58. Eat at Quilt Country
  59. Go to Sunday Morning Worship
  60. Play Ping Pong (Game Room)
  61. Eat at Pizza Shack
  62. Go to Midnight Munchies
  63. Go to Devotions
  64. Attend the Homecoming Play
  65. Buy an apparel item from your House
  66. Have a Nerf War in Briggs
  67. Hike at Nine Eagles State Park
  68. Participate in a House Function
  69. Create a giant slip and slide
  70. Buy something from the Vending Machine
  71. Write your friend a note and put it in their Campus Mailbox
  72. Create door tags for your House
  73. Play Fooseball (Game Room)
  74. Go to an Iowa Wild’s Game
  75. Buy Milk from HyVee
  76. Loft your bed
  77. Play sardines in Zimmerman
  78. Attend a Band Concert
  79. Participate in Dodgeball
  80. Enjoy Soft Serve Ice Cream in the Commons
  81. Go swimming at North Park
  82. Create a team for the Lamoni Recreation Volleyball league
  83. Visit Osceola
  84. Visit Bethany
  85. Attend a Lamoni High School 8 man Football Game & Cheer really loud
  86. Eat Mexican in Bethany
  87. Join House Council
  88. Say Hello to the President
  89. Attend International Night
  90. Play Mario Kart in the Student Lounge
  91. Climb the stairs in Briggs
  92. Buy something from Dollar General
  93. Star Gaze at Big G or Founders
  94. Attend a Thursday Night Movie sponsored by COSA
  95. Visit Slips Bluff Park
  96. Go sledding!
  97. Vote for your Graceland Student Government Officers!
  98. Attend the Internship Fair
  99. Wear your Christmas Sweater to the Christmas Tree lighting
  100. Attend Commencement!
  101. Enjoy your time here!