Honorarium for Cooperating Teachers

You will receive an honorarium depending on how many weeks the student teacher spends in your classroom; $10/week up to $140.00 for a full 14 week placement. This honorarium is paid by check directly to you, and is sent out after the university supervisor has returned your evaluation forms to the Field Office.

Approximately halfway through the semester, the School of Education office will contact you to ask whether you want the check mailed to your school or home. If you are expecting an honorarium check and do not receive it, or if you have questions regarding the honorarium, contact Garnet Coulthard (coulthar@graceland.edu ) in the School of Education office.

Program Evaluation

We ask that you complete a Program Evaluation survey at the end of the student teaching period that will help us evaluate and improve the Teacher Education program. 

We appreciate your willingness to complete this quick survey.  Your honest answers about your experience with the Teacher Education program are anonymous and will be much appreciated.  

Iowa Renewal Credit

If you are a teacher in Iowa, you are eligible for renewal credit for hosting a student teacher.  More information about license renewal may be found on the BOEE website.  The renewal credit form may be downloaded by clicking here:  Iowa Renewal Credit Form

The State of Iowa requires you to maintain a record of your eligible activities.  Complete the first form provided in the BOEE instructions by listing all the students you have supervised for either practicum or student teaching.  You may only submit one form from each university that you had practicum or student teachers from, so wait until you are close to renewing your license. Send your completed form to the Graceland Field Office for verification of placements we have made with you.  We will return to you the second BOEE form with a signature from a Graceland representative.  You will then submit your renewal form along with any other required documentation to the BOEE for renewal credit.

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