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David Trewhitt

Director of Field Experiences

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Garnet Coulthard

Co-Director of Field Experiences


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Kathy McElroy

Information Systems Coordinator

Co-Director of Accreditation and Assessment


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Welcome to Graceland

We appreciate your willingness to participate in Graceland's Teacher Education program. You will play a vital role in the professional growth of the student teacher, and will help to further his/her confidence, skill, and competence toward performance in the classroom

* It is essential that you read the overview document below to fully understand your responsibilities as a cooperating teacher.


Cooperating Teacher Overview 


To help you understand the requirements that your student teacher must complete, you are encouraged to review the Program Handbook for Teacher Education.  Your student teacher will have this downloaded on his/her iPad in the iBooks app.  Chapter 3 - Student Teaching/Licensure covers candidate requirements during the student teaching experience


EDUCCOOPP1011 Cooperating Teacher Workshop

You are encouraged to review the Online Workshop created for cooperating teachers.  The workshop provides additional resources to assist you in mentoring a student teacher:

  • tips and suggestions from previous teachers and student teachers
  • articles on best practices for mentoring a student teacher
  • discussion boards to participate in conversations with other teachers
  • opportunity to complete a "mock evaluation" using a Graceland evaluation form 

The workshop can be completed at your convenience, returning as many times as necessary to review the information. At the end of the workshop, please complete the short survey to ensure we are meeting the needs of teachers.

  1. Go to (Username: coopteacher / Password: grace2016)
  2. Choose the Courses tab (top left)
  3. Click the "EDUCCOOP1011 2016 Cooperating Teacher Workshop" link to begin

 (note, if you have difficulty accessing the workshop, please try Internet Explorer, or another browser)

Prize Drawing

If you complete the survey at the end of the online workshop, your name will automatically be entered for a prize drawing at the end of the semester.  Three names will be drawn and prizes will be determined by the extent of your workshop participation. Activities include two discussion boards, a mock evaluation, and the final survey.

  • First Place - $100.00
  • Second Place - $50.00
  • Third Place - $25.00

Suggestions for Welcoming a Student Teacher

  • Prepare a desk or space within the classroom for the teacher to observe and work during the day. You might want to connect a table to your desk to make conferencing easier, or add a small desk to the back of the classroom. Some items to include: name tag, Kleenex, calendar, and office supplies.
  • Start a folder/binder for the student teacher that includes whatever might be important to assist the student teacher with understanding your school and classroom.  This might include the school calendar and policies (including teacher dress expectations), class list, grading scale, behavior management strategies, your daily schedule and lesson plan format, state standards, and contact information for you and your office staff.
  • Prepare your students (and parents) by talking about the arrival of the student teacher, and have your students create introduction letters to welcome the new student teacher.

Assessing your Student Teacher

You will complete three different types of evaluations for your student teacher

  1. InTASC Evaluation (Based on State Standards)

  2. Dispositions Evaluation (Professional Behaviors)

  3. Lesson Critique (Lesson Delivery and Preparation)

These evaluations will be completed regularly throughout the experience as outlined below and on your evaluation documents. These evaluations are based on your observations and interactions with your student teacher.  Examples of what you will be assessing are : lesson planning and preparation, lesson delivery, differentiating instruction, use of technology, pre-post assessments and professional behavior.

Summative - Final Evaluation (InTASC & Dispositions)

The final column of each evaluation is considered your "summative" evaluation. For this evaluation, you should consider ALL observations and interactions with the student teacher throughout the entire placement. 

In order to receive a passing grade, the summative evaluation ratings for each standard must be at the Developing, Basic, or Proficient level. Not more than two standards can be Developing. A student teacher may NOT receive an unsatisfactory rating and still pass student teaching. If there was no opportunity to observe a criterion, choose Not Observed.

Reliability - First Observation (InTASC)

On the first observation , plan to complete the  InTASC Evaluation at the same time the university supervisor completes his/hers. Compare your scoring with each other and discuss areas you differ in your assessment.

Lesson Critique

Student teachers must use the required Lesson Plan template when preparing their lessons. Use the Lesson Critique form to evaluate lessons taught by the student teacher, four times for a fourteen week placement and twice for a 6, 7, or 8 week placement. The Lesson Critique should be completed according to the schedule below. An informational Lesson Critique Checklist is provided to assist you in evaluating the lessons. Review each evaluation with the student teacher and discuss areas of strength and areas needing improvement. The student teacher should sign the form after you discuss the evaluation. Please make your evaluations available during the supervisor's observation visits.  

You will not record a summative evaluation for lesson evaluations.  

Refer to the Evaluation Schedule below for when you should complete the evaluations:



Direct Link to Evaluation Forms

Evaluations forms are provided for you below. Scroll down the screen and then click the links to save the evaluation forms to your computer. Each evaluation form (InTASC & Dispositions) includes a column for each observation, therefore only one copy of each form is necessary.  You will use a separate Lesson Critique form for each lesson you evaluate.

During the placement, plan to share each evaluation with the student teacher and supervisor.

You may open the forms with Microsoft Word to complete electronically or print to complete by hand. If you are unable to download or open the Word documents, contact the Field Office ( and the form(s) will be sent to you as a .pdf. The university supervisor will collect your forms (electronically or on paper) at the end of the placement. 

Scroll down to your placement/subject area to access your forms.

Evaluations For All Placements

Honorarium for Cooperating Teachers

You will receive an honorarium depending on how many weeks the student teacher spends in your classroom; $10/week up to $140.00 for a full 14 week placement. This honorarium is paid by check directly to you, and is sent out after the university supervisor has returned your evaluation forms to the Field Office.

Approximately halfway through the semester, the School of Education office will contact you to ask whether you want the check mailed to your school or home. If you are expecting an honorarium check and do not receive it, or if you have questions regarding the honorarium, contact Garnet Coulthard ( ) in the School of Education office.

Program Evaluation

We ask that you complete a Program Evaluation survey at the end of the student teaching period that will help us evaluate and improve the Teacher Education program. Sometime during the final weeks of the student teaching period you will receive an email from Kathy McElroy that includes a link to an online survey in a tool called Survey Monkey. 

We appreciate your willingness to complete this quick survey.  Your honest answers about your experience with the Teacher Education program will be much appreciated.  Click HERE to see the questions you will be asked.

Iowa Renewal Credit

If you are a teacher in Iowa, you are eligible for renewal credit for hosting a student teacher.  Click HERE to access required BOEE instructions and forms.

The State of Iowa requires you to maintain a record of your eligible activities.  Complete the first form provided in the BOEE instructions by listing the students you have supervised for either practicum or student teaching.  Send your form to the Graceland Field Office for verification of placements we have made with you.  We will return to you the second BOEE form with a signature from a Graceland representative.  You will then submit all required documentation to the BOEE for renewal credit.

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