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The Field Office coordinates candidate field experiences for methods classes, as well as placements for practicum and student teaching. Course credit is given only for placements assigned by the university through the Field Office and supervised by university faculty.
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Garnet Coulthard

Education Prep Specialist & Field Placement Coordinator

School of Education

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Welcome to Graceland

We appreciate your willingness to participate in Graceland's Teacher Education program and provide an engaging practicum experience for a Graceland student. You will play a vital role in the professional growth of the practicum student, and will help to further his/her confidence, skill, and competence toward performance in the classroom.

Please review the Practicum Overview, which explains what a practicum student is required to do while in your classroom.

Suggestions for Welcoming a Practicum Student

  • Prepare a desk or space within the classroom for the practicum student to observe and work during the day. You might want to connect a table to your desk to make conferencing easier, or add a small desk to the back of the classroom. Some items to include: name tag, Kleenex, calendar, and office supplies.
  • Start a folder/binder for the practicum student that includes whatever you think is appropriate for your school/classroom. Gather materials that can help the practicum student acclimate to your building and classroom.
  • Prepare your students by talking about the arrival of the practicum student and your expectations for their behavior.

Teaching Lessons

Practicum students are required to prepare three lesson plans and teach them according to the following course requirement. Normally, during the first week of a student's practicum, they will observe, assist, and may teach one lesson by the end of the first week, and the remaining lessons during the second week. Lessons should be prepared using the Lesson Plan Template and submitted to the university supervisor in Chalk and Wire, Graceland's ePortfolio system.

You should plan to observe the lesson(s) taught and evaluate the student's performance using the Lesson Critique form. To complete the form electronically, click the link below to save the Word version to your computer. To print and complete by hand you can use either the Word or PDF versions. Also provided is a Lesson Critique Checklist and the Lesson Plan Template Help Sheet to assist in your evaluation of the practicum student.


Evaluating the Practicum Student

At the end of the practicum experience, you will complete the Practicum Evaluation form.  This form is based on InTASC principles and Dispositions.  Your evaluations should reflect the practicum student's entire performance in your classroom including professional dispositions.  To complete the form electronically, click the link below to download and save the form to your computer.  To print and complete by hand, you can use either the Word or PDF versions.



Returning Forms

Please return all completed practicum lesson critiques and the evaluation form to 



How Do Students Pass the Practicum?

In order to receive a passing grade, ratings must be at the Developing, Basic, or Proficient level.


Returning Evaluation Forms

The lesson critiques and Practicum Evaluation forms are needed before the student can receive a Pass/Fail grade for the practicum.  Please return these as quickly as possible to the Field Office at the end of the practicum experience.

Electronic forms may be sent as email attachments to: 

Printed copies may be sent by postal mail to:

Field Office / School of Education
Graceland University
1 University Place
Lamoni, IA   50140

Iowa Renewal Credit

If you are a teacher in Iowa, you are eligible for renewal credit for hosting a student teacher.  Click HERE to access required BOEE instructions and forms.

The State of Iowa requires you to maintain a record of your eligible activities.  Complete the first form provided in the BOEE instructions by listing all the students you have supervised for either practicum or student teaching.  You may only submit one form from each university that you had practicum or student teachers from, so wait until you close to renewing your license. Send your completed form to the Graceland Field Office for verification of placements we have made with you.  We will return to you the second BOEE form with a signature from a Graceland representative.  You will then submit your renewal form along with any other required documentation to the BOEE for renewal credit.

Graceland University
School of Education - Field Office
1 University Place
Lamoni, IA   50140 

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