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Acceptance to Teacher Education

You must meet the requirements listed below to be accepted into the Teacher Education Program and before applying for a Practicum or Student Teaching field experience.   When you have completed the acceptance requirements, your name will automatically go before the Teacher Education Committee at their next regularly scheduled monthly meeting. The Teacher Education Committee will review your file and determine final acceptance into the Teacher Education Program. You will receive a letter informing you of your acceptance status.
  • Application to Teacher Education
  • Minimum 2.75 grade point 
  • Three Professional/Faculty References (two from GSOE faculty) 
  • CBASE (235 or above in Math and English)
  • Graduation Plan
  • Final Grade in EDUC1400 ("C" or above)
  • "Pass" Grade for EDUC1410 Clinical Lab for EDUC1400
  • "Pass" Grade for EDUC2420 Entry Workshop

How Do I View My Acceptance Status?

You can view the entire list of Teacher Ed requirements on the Enrollment Checklist page (left column under the Student tab).  

View reference names under My References on the top right column on this page.

Entry Workshop Instructors

Lamoni Campus

Independence Campus

Workshop Schedule

Workshop students must attend two workshops, a "First Workshop" held at the beginning of the semester and a "Second Workshop" held in the middle of the semester.  You have the option to attend a workshop on any campus.


Lamoni Campus - 314 Zimmerman (5:00 - 8:00 p.m.)

  • First Workshop - Monday, January 23rd
  • Second Workshop - Monday, March 27th


Independence Campus - Fireside room on 1st floor (1 - 4:00 p.m.)

  • First Workshop - Saturday, January 28th
  • Second Workshop - Saturday, March 25th

To Pass the Workshop

Complete the following to pass the workshop:

  • One Reference - give the recommendation form to an instructor, school professional, or employer. The reference person returns the form directly to Kathy McElroy (instructions on form).
  • Take the CBASE
  • Complete two pre-surveys in Chalk and Wire (Multicultural and Technology) (see video tutorial for assistance)
  • Submit Grad Plan in Chalk and Wire
    • Independence -  meet with advisor and submit to Kathy McElroy
    • Lamoni (Elementary) - meet with education advisor and submit to the same advisor
    • Lamoni (Secondary) - meet with subject area advisor to create grad plan, then meet with education advisor.  Submit final grad plan to education advisor for approval.

Professional Portfolio

In the second workshop, you will create a Professional Portfolio in Chalk and Wire.  This portfolio will contain your philosophy of education and resume and will be shared with school districts as your professional introduction when the Field Office requests a student teaching placement for you.  When you apply for student teaching (later on in the program), you will include the web link (URL) to your portfolio in the online student teaching application.

To receive a passing grade for the workshop, your Professional Portfolio must include:

  • Home page 
  • Introduction 
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Resume

(An additional cover letter to the school district will be required when you submit the student teaching application later on in the program.)

How to Share Your Professional Portfolio

You will create a web link (URL) in Chalk and Wire that you will send in an email to your course instructors. This is the same link that you will eventually include in your online application for student teaching, which the Field Office will send to the school district as your professional introduction when your placement is requested.  Creating the URL is demonstrated at the end of the Video Tutorial, or you may follow the directions below:

  • Open your portfolio so you can see the table of contents on the left. Select the Home page first and then return to the Table of Contents.  You should see the Home page highlighted blue to indicate it is selected. This will ensure the Home page is the first page people will see when you share your portfolio.

  • On the right side click the blue button, Share this Page

  • Click the blue button, Generate Share URL

  • Select the URL that appears in the text box by clicking and dragging from the far left all the way to the right, being careful to select the entire link.  The URL is a little longer than what you can see in the text box so keep dragging to the right until you've selected the whole thing.  You may also triple-click in the box which automatically selects the entire address. The URL will look like this and ends with the number '48':

  • Right click on the URL while you have it selected and choose Copy.  On a Mac computer, hold the "control" key as you click.  For the workshop, create a new email message to the course instructors, include a sentence inviting us to review your portfolio, and then and right click (or control click) in the body of the email to paste the URL. For the online student teaching application, you'll right click (or control click) in the text box provided and choose paste, or you may paste the URL into an email or Word document for safe keeping until you are ready to submit the application.

NOTE: Test the URL before you share it with others!

How to Create a Professional Portfolio

How to Complete Pre-Surveys

How to Submit Work in Chalk and Wire

How to See Assessments in Chalk and Wire

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Forms for Teacher Education
Recommendation Form (.docx, 20K)
Agreement Form (.pdf, 11K)
Lesson Plan Template 15-16 (Word) (.docx, 18K)
Guide for Lesson Plan Template 15-16 (.pdf, 94K)
Coursework Dispositions Form (.docx, 21K)
Signature Common Assessment Rubric (.pdf, 280K)
Student Petition/Appeal Form (.docx, 18K)
Use this form to petition the Teacher Education Committee or to appeal a decision that's already been made.
Student Petition / Appeal Form (pdf) (.pdf, 19K)
Student Petition (CAC) (.pdf, 45K)
Use this form to request credit hour overload.
Entry Workshop
Professional Portfolio Guidelines (.pdf, 286K)
Pre-Multicultural Survey Questions (.pdf, 90K)
Pre-Technology Survey Questions (.pdf, 192K)
Application for Teacher Education (.doc, 58K)
GUniverse Opt Out Form (.pdf, 237K)
Student Teacher Disposition Evaluation (.docx, 19K)
Community of Christ College Scholarship for Education Majors (.docx, 195K)
Undergrad Newsletter Fall 2016 (.pdf, 1103K)
Program Handbook for Teacher Education 16_17 (.pdf, 14058K)
CBASE Request for Special Services (.doc, 22K)
Missouri Content Assessments (.pdf, 36K)
Praxis Policy Change - Letter to Students Spring 2016 (.pdf, 15K)
CBASE Policy Change - Letter to Students Spring 2016 (.pdf, 86K)
Handbook Resources
Personnel (.pdf, 25K)
Submitting Artifacts in CW (.pdf, 288K)
Assessments Entered for You in CW (.pdf, 196K)
Student Fees (.pdf, 188K)
MNEA Student Brochure (.pdf, 827K)
Early Alert Report (.pdf, 168K)
Concerns Form (.pdf, 129K)
Program Timeline (.pdf, 284K)
Overview Initial Assessment System (.pdf, 24K)
Model of Assessment System (.pdf, 98K)
Master Standards Chart (.pdf, 239K)
Iowa Curriculum Exhibits (.pdf, 75K)
Syllabus Grid 15-16 (.pdf, 21K)
Pre_Post Surveys (.pdf, 271K)
Student Fees (.docx, 28K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

You should register for EDUC2420 Entry Workshop the semester after completing EDUC1400 Intro to Education.  Students at other campus locations will be registered for the workshop during their first term.  During the workshop, you will be given your login and training for ePortfolio.  You will also receive a Teacher Education Handbook and learn about standards and requirements of the Teacher Education Program.
You won't be able to apply for or be placed in a Practicum or Student Teaching experience until you have been officially accepted into the program. 

GSEA - What is it?

GSEA stands for Graceland Student Education Association. It is a club for any and all students pursuing a career in education. Last year not many people knew about GSEA and membership was low, so this year we are trying to promote it as much as possible! Not only will this organization look great on your resume, but you will have fun in the process!

The organization completes service projects and works to promote education. Don't miss out!  Come and join us. If you have any questions or comments regarding GSEA, please feel free to contact Laurie James ( or Jane Chaillie ( .