Exit Interview (University Supervisors)

The university supervisor for the final placement should arrange to meet with the student teacher face-to-face after he/she has completed student teaching requirements. This is your opportunity to discuss the student teaching experience with each other and review evaluations, along with the grade you are giving them for the course. You have the ability to see all evaluations, including the student teacher's self-evaluations, by creating an Advisor Group in Chalk and Wire. Refer to the Video Tutorial on how to create an Advisor Group.

The Exit Interview Checklist form will help you determine that all requirements have been met.  This is also where you will communicate your final grade for the course and if you recommend this student for licensure. It is recommended you also email the Field Office to inform them when the student has finished student teaching and is ready for a grade.  

The university supervisor will review the student teacher's timesheet for accuracy and to ensure the student has documented 70 days of student teaching.  In addition, this is a good time to remind the student teacher to be sure all of their student teaching required artifacts have submitted in their Chalk and Wire Anthology Portfolio. 


Evaluation of Cooperating Teacher and School

For each student teacher and placement, please complete the Evaluation of Cooperating Teacher and School.  Your evaluation is important to help the Field Office determine whether or not this teacher and/or school should be used again for future placements.  Please return this form to the Field Office with your evaluation forms.


Alumni Contact Information

Ask the student teacher to complete the Alumni Contact Information form.  Having this information is vital to help us keep track of alumni employment and contact information.  Please return this form to the Field Office with your evaluation forms.

Recording the Midterm and Exit Assessment (Graceland University Supervisors)

At midterm and at the completion of student teaching, you will record both yours and the cooperating teachers scores in Chalk and Wire.  These observation are intended to be a summative evaluation of your student teacher.  You should take into account the student teacher's performance and abilities throughout their time in the classroom. You will record the summative ratings in Chalk and Wire from your own forms as well as the cooperating teacher's. These will be entered at midterm and at the end after your exit interview with your student teacher.  

  • Once you have both yours and the cooperating teacher's Disposition and Student Teaching INTASC evaluations in hand, you will simply click on the corresponding the link to assess the work, entering the final scores and any comments from the evaluation, and save it.
  • Notify the fieldoffice that all evaluations are completed and a final grade can be entered.

      If you have any questions, please contact Garnet Coulthard coulthar@graceland.edu

Return Evaluation Forms

Collect the cooperating teacher evaluation forms at the end of the placement.  Electronic forms may be sent to you as email attachments, and paper forms may be collected during your final visit.  Return all paperwork (from both you and the cooperating teacher) to the Field Office.

Supervisors will be contacted close to the end of the semester regarding deadlines. If a student teacher will be delayed completing their student teaching placement before grades are due, please let the Field Office know. 

The following is what is required to be returned to the Field Office at the end of the placement:

An email to the fieldoffice@graceland.edu indicating the student has completed and successfully passed their student teaching. 


Copies of the following:

  • Supervisor Observation Evaluations
  • Supervisor Midterm & Exit Evaluations
  • Supervisor Disposition Evaluation


  • Cooperating Teacher Observation Evaluations
  • Cooperating Teacher Midterm & Exit Evaluations
  • Cooperating Teacher Disposition Evaluation


  • Exit Interview Checklist
  • Evaluation of Cooperating Teacher and School
  • Alumni Contact Information

The students' time-sheet, lesson critiques, and work samples should all have been uploaded to Chalk and Wire, but if you have copies, they may be sent as well. 

Electronic forms may be sent as email attachments to fieldoffice@graceland.edu. 

Paper forms may be mailed to the address below or given to Garnet Coulthard (Lamoni office). 

Graceland University
School of Education Field Office
1 University Place
Lamoni, IA   50140