Assessing the Student Teacher

Supervision will require a minimum of seven visits during the 14 week placement.  We always ask for an initial visit during the first week of student teaching to allow the University Supervisor to familiarize themselves with the building,, meet the cooperating teacher, go over the evaluation forms, and set up a schedule for the upcoming visits.  

You will complete two different types of evaluations for your student teacher. The Cooperating Teacher will be completing the same evaluation forms as the University Supervisor, following the same similar schedule below. The first Observation Visit is a good time to complete the Reliability Exercise, to ensure both the Cooperating Teacher and the University Supervisor are assessing the student comparably. 


  1. Observation Evaluation (Based on InTASC  and Learning Objectives)
  2. Professional Dispositions Evaluation (at midterm and again at exit) (Professional Behaviors)

IMPORTANT, the midterm and final evaluations are summative, so all criteria needs to be evaluated. 

Refer to the Evaluation Schedule below for when you should complete the evaluations:

Evaluation Schedule for Student Teaching Placements


First Evaluation

Second Evaluation

Third Evaluation


Fourth Evaluation

Fifth Evaluation

Sixth Summative Evaluation


14 Weeks


(Observation Evaluation)


(Observation Evaluation)


(Midterm Observation Evaluation)


Midterm Disposition Evaluation




(Observation Evaluation)


(Observation Evaluation)


( Exit Observation Evaluation)


Exit Disposition Evaluation




These evaluations will be completed regularly throughout the experience as outlined below and on your evaluation documents. These evaluations are based on your observations and interactions with your student teacher.  Examples of what you will be assessing are : lesson planning and preparation, lesson delivery, differentiating instruction, use of technology, pre-post assessments and professional behavior.

Reliability - First Observation (InTASC)

On the first observation , plan to complete the  InTASC Evaluation at the same time the cooperating teacher completes his/hers. Compare your scoring with each other and discuss areas you differ in your assessment.

Midterm and Final Exit Evaluation (InTASC & Dispositions)

For these evaluations, you should consider ALL observations and interactions with the student teacher throughout the entire placement at the time your are recording your scores. 

In order to receive a passing grade, the summative evaluation ratings for each standard must be at the Developing, Basic, or Proficient level. Not more than two standards should be Developing. A student teacher may NOT receive an unsatisfactory rating and still pass student teaching. If there was no opportunity to observe a criterion, choose Not Observed.

Lesson Critique

Student teachers must use the required Lesson Plan template when preparing their lessons. The cooperating teacher will use the Lesson Critique form to evaluate lessons taught by the student teacher, four times for a fourteen week placement and twice for a 6, 7, or 8 week placement.  Review each evaluation with the student teacher and discuss areas of strength and areas needing improvement.

Evaluations forms are provided for you below as a fillable .pdf document. Scroll down the screen and then click the links to save the evaluation forms to your computer.

The forms are .PDF or word to complete electronically. Download and save a copy of each one to your computer. Or you may print them out to complete by them hand. If you are unable to download or open the documents, contact the Field Office ( and the form(s) will be sent to you as a word document. The university supervisor will collect your forms (electronically or on paper) at the end of the placement. 

You will collect the cooperating teacher's forms (electronically or on paper) at the end of the placement.  After you've recorded the summative assessments in Chalk and Wire, you will return all forms (cooperating teacher and supervisor) to the Field Office.

Evaluations For All Placements

The Observation Evaluation is to be completed during each visit. You will also use this same form for the midterm and exit evaluations.