Review Instructions and Processes

Read through this summary of University Supervisor Responsibilities, Tips and Resources.  University Supervisor Tips


The complete Teacher Education Program handbook is available at any time.  The specific section that covers student teaching is available here: Student Teaching Syllabus

Student Teachers use a cloud-based system called  Chalk & Wire to upload their required journals and artifacts for their university supervisor to read and assess.  When a student submits an item, the university supervisor will receive and email notifying them that they have work to assess.

To see everything that student teachers will be submitting in Chalk and Wire Anthology Portfolio, click here.

Student teachers will need to clearly describe, analyze and reflect on all ten InTASC standards sometime in their journals.  All 10 InTASC Standards at a Glance

Note that not everything in their eportfolio will go to their university supervisor, here is a link to a document that will show everything you should receive. University Supervisor Copy of Chalk and Wire submissions

If you have questions on how to assess the student teacher's work or if you have any questions about accessing the Chalk and Wire system or need your Chalk & Wire password reset, contact Garnet Coulthard

Prior to the placement you should familiarize yourself with student teaching requirements, processes, and evaluation forms.  The links below should have all the forms you will need.

  1. It may be helpful to read the Supervisor Overview and Expectations document to fully understand your responsibilities as a university supervisor.

  2. Contact your student teacher(s) to determine the start date and when you will visit the classroom during the first week.  

  3. Review a copy of the University Supervisor Student Teaching Checklist to aid in your communication with the teacher and student teacher. You should go over this checklist with your student teacher during the initial meet and greet meeting. 

  4. This link will download a copy of the most current version of the  Program Handbook for Teacher Education This handbook combines last year's Teacher Education Handbook and Field Experience Handbook.  


Overview of Responsibilities

The range of student teaching placements requires the School of Education to appoint a variety of supervisors.  Every elementary and secondary student teacher will be assigned a supervisor employed by the School of Education at Graceland University.

The School of Education supervisor will be responsible for the following:

  • Make an initial visit during the first week week of the student teaching placement to become familiar with cooperating teacher, the classroom, the school building and principal, and the student teacher. 
    • During the first visit, the supervisor will go over the evaluation requirements and student teaching processes with the student and the cooperating teacher. 
  • Make at least six additional bi-weekly observation visits, completing the appropriate evaluations.
  • Read and evaluate the student teacher’s weekly journal in Chalk and Wire.
  • Assess the student teacher’s Required Artifacts in Chalk and Wire:
    • Lesson Plans
    • Pre and Post Assessment
    • Student Work Samples
    • Video Self-Evaluation
  • Schedule an exit interview with the student teacher using the Exit Interview form. During the Exit Interview, ask the student to complete the Alumni Contact form. Also complete the Evaluation of Cooperating Teacher and School. (All forms are provided on the Supervisor Support page in My Graceland).
  • Record the summative evaluations (InTASC and Disposition) from both supervisor and the cooperating teacher.

Collect the cooperating teacher evaluation forms at the end of the placement.  Return all paperwork (from both you and the cooperating teacher) to the Field Office. 

  • Supervisor INTASC Evaluation
  • Supervisor Disposition Evaluation
  • Cooperating Teacher INTASC Evaluation
  • Cooperating Teacher Disposition Evaluation
  • Exit Interview Checklist
  • Evaluation of Cooperating Teacher and School
  • Alumni Contact Information


Distance Supervisor

When a student completes their student teaching experience at a distance, he/she will also be assigned a supervisor who is living in that area. While the student teacher has many artifacts they will be required to submit, many of them will be the responsibility of the local Graceland University supervisor.

 Responsibilities of the distance supervisor:

  • Make an initial contact with and maintain communication with the cooperating teacher and the Graceland University supervisor
  • Make six observation visits every other week in the classroom, completing the appropriate evaluations
  • Ensure the student teacher is following Iowa core teaching standards.
  • Review the student teacher’s weekly journal via email (the student teacher should also submit the journal to the University Supervisor in Chalk and Wire)
  • Review the student teacher’s Unit Lesson Plans (the student teacher will also submit them to their Graceland University Supervisor in Chalk and Wire)
  • Complete the Evaluation of School and Cooperating Teacher form
  • Return both Supervisor and Cooperating teacher evaluation forms to the Field Office