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The Field Office coordinates candidate field experiences for methods classes, as well as placements for practicum and student teaching. Course credit is given only for placements assigned by the university through the Field Office and supervised by university faculty.
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Garnet Coulthard

Education Prep Specialist & Field Placement Coordinator

School of Education

(641) 784-5391  


Review Practicum Processes and Requirements

Prior to the placement you should familiarize yourself with practicum requirements, processes, and evaluation forms.  

  • Read the Practicum Student Overview for detailed information on practicum student requirements.  
  • Contact the practicum student to determine the start date and explain your expectations for C&W submissions.
  • Review the Teacher Support / Practicum page in My Graceland to review information provided for the teacher. Offer additional assistance to the teacher if needed.

Cooperating Teacher Requirements

The cooperating teacher is required to complete an InTASC Evaluation and three Lesson Critiques for the practicum student. In the confirmation email from the Field Office, the cooperating teacher is given a link to the Teacher Support / Practicum page in My Graceland.  This page contains the instructions, forms, and video tutorials he/she will need for the practicum experience.   The forms the cooperating teacher will complete are located here: Practicum Cooperating Teacher Evaluation Forms

University Supervisor Requirements

  • Practicum supervisors are NOT required to complete an InTASC evaluation for the practicum student.
  • Assess C&W submissions from your practicum student(s). Use the Supervisor Checklisto monitor work completed:
    • Weekly Journal
    • Lesson Plans
    • Student Work Samples
    • Time Sheet

How Do Students Pass the Practicum?

Cooperating Teacher: In order to receive a passing grade, ratings from the cooperating teacher's InTASC and Disposition evaluations must be at the Developing, Basic, or Proficient level. 

University Supervisor: Assignments sent to the supervisor must be at Basic or above. If any item is at the Unsatisfactory level, the teacher candidate must improve that item.

Field Office Communication and Final Grade

  • The cooperating teacher will return his/her forms directly to the Field Office, and these forms will be forwarded to you.  (The forms will already be saved in our digital imaging system, so you do not need to save a copy or return the evaluation form to the Field Office.)
  • Enter the teacher's evaluation ratings on the Supervisor Checklist.
  • Determine the final grade for the course by reviewing all work submitted by the student, as well as the teacher's evaluation. The student must receive Basic ratings or above on assignments to you and cannot receive more than two Emerging ratings by the cooperating teacher. The student may not begin student teaching unless they have passed the pre-requisite practicum.
  • Enter your final grade recommendation on the supervisor checklist and return this form to the Field Office ( or through campus mail.