Student Teaching Requirements

The Student Teaching Overview covers all the requirements that each candidate will need to complete during student teaching.   Requirements for a successful student teaching experience:
  • Document 70 days of full-time teaching on a time sheet signed by the cooperating teacher. Iowa law specifies that the student teaching experience must be a minimum of 14 consecutive weeks. Once students are in their seats, a day that counts for the cooperating teacher counts for you. You must attend all meetings required for the cooperating teacher.
  • Create plans for each lesson that is taught
  • Observe, participate, and assume full-time teaching responsibilities or assume planning responsibilities during co-teaching
  • Adhere to school regulations and student teaching expectations
  • Submit required artifacts in Chalk and Wire
  • Submit these additional items in Chalk and Wire:
    • Disposition Self-Evaluation (Mid and final)
    • InTASC Self-Evaluation
    • Program Evaluation
    • Post Multicultural and Technology Surveys
  • Participate in an exit interview with your School of Education supervisor
    • Fill out the Alumni Contact Information form and give to your supervisor during the interview

Placement (Local or Distance?)

Placements are made in schools within a 40-mile radius of Lamoni or Independence.  You must make this decision BEFORE completing the application. If you request and are placed in a school district outside the 40 mile radius from your campus, you will incur an additional fees for your university supervisor.


Two applications are provided: one for placements within the 40 mile radius and one for distance placements. Review the special requirements for distance placements below. 


Teacher candidates in secondary education will not be placed in buildings where they attended high school or worked as a paraprofessional.

If you desire to be placed outside of the 40 mile radius, you must complete an additional formal application process. The Field Experience Portfolio  must accompany your application as well as the following extra documents for a distance placement.  These should be uploaded separately into the application.


  • Distance Placement Chart - Download and complete the chart, then upload with your application.  
  • Letter of Request that includes your current and cumulative GPA, the name and location of the school(s) desired, your understanding that a distance supervisor will be arranged for you, and your agreement to pay for supervision.
  • Letter of Support from your Academic / School of Education advisor

Graceland University does not arrange student teaching placements outside of the United States.  Student teaching is completed in the United States unless you participate in an exchange program approved by Graceland University. For information about international student teaching (or other placement questions), contact the Field Office (