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Required Testing Scores

As a teacher education candidate, you are required to pass two Praxis tests to be eligible for licensure in Iowa; a test for pedagogy Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT), as well as a Content Knowledge test for your major. If you are in secondary or K-12 education, you should take the tests for your major and selected area of concentration. If you have multiple majors or concentrations, you may choose which subject area content knowledge test to take.
You have the option of taking the test sometime during your junior or senior year, but it is recommended to wait until you have completed Methods coursework. The Praxis tests may be taken multiple times until a passing score has been achieved. You may officially graduate from Graceland but will not be eligible for licensure until you have passed the Praxis. 
Every education student is eligible for a voucher good for two practice tests to help them prepare for the Praxis tests. Contact Kathy McElroy or your advisor for more information.
Praxis Changes
Required Praxis scores are determined by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE). Each year the BOEE looks closely at testing statistics and makes changes accordingly. On August 1, 2017, several of the passing scores changed.  Please review the new passing scores closely.  

If you have questions, please contact:

Garnet Coulthard, Co-Director of the Field Office

Kathy McElroy, Information Systems Coordinator 

Before Taking the Test

Review the Testing Demonstration video before going to the testing center.  

Note: At the end of the test you'll be asked to Report or Cancel your scores.  You must choose Report for both you and Graceland to receive a copy of your scores.  If you choose cancel, your scores will not be distributed and you will not receive a refund.

After the Test

Approximately two weeks after you take the test, Graceland will receive a copy of your score sheet directly from ETS.
(When you register, be sure to request that your scores are sent to Graceland using the code number RA6249). 
We enter the scores for you in the Graceland system, and on the same day, send an email to you verifying that your scores were received and confirming whether you passed or not. 
It is your responsibility to make sure Graceland receives a copy of your scores.  If you do not receive an email from Graceland confirming your scores have been received, please contact Garnet Coulthard (641) 784-5391 or
Look on the front page of your score sheet to make sure Graceland is listed under the Score Recipient heading.  If not, send a copy of your score sheet to

Missouri and Other State Requirements

Most states do require a PRAXIS II test, but every state identifies the test that meets their requirements and sets their own passing score. Teacher candidates who complete the requirements for and receive certifcation from Iowa will, also, be eligible for certification in the state of Missouri without retaking the test or meeting the minimum score established by Missouri. A complete list of state requirements is available from the ETS website .

Praxis and Licensure

After graduation, the Gleazer School of Education and the Registrar's office work together to determine your eligibility for licensure.  This includes making sure you have passed the Praxis.  Once eligibility has been determined, the School of Education officially notifies the Registrar's office that you have been recommended for licensure.  The Registrar's office contacts the State of Iowa and sends the appropriate documentation to request your license. Iowa no longer mails paper copies of your teaching license.   Your online license will serve as your official teaching license. 
You can check your recommendation status in My Graceland.  If you have been recommended, you'll see a Recommended - Teacher Licensure Accomplishment with the date you were recommended.  If you don't see this Accomplishment, please contact Garnet Coulthard (641) 784-5391 or

Check Your Recommendation Status
1. Choose the Student tab in My Graceland.
2. Choose Profile Information in the left column.
3. Scroll down to see your Accomplishments

Testing Opportunities

Candidates now have two-week windows to take the computer-delivered test, which provides more test date options. Check here for Computer Delivered Testing Centers and Dates.
Computer Delivered Test Centers in Graceland's Area
  • West Des Moines, Prometric Center
  • Coralville, Prometric Center
  • Webster City, Iowa Central Community College
  • Fort Dodge, Iowa Central Community College
  • Maryville, Northwest Missouri State University
  • Kirksville, Truman State University
  • Lee's Summit, Prometric Center
  • Kansas City, University of Missouri
  • Warrensburg, University of Central Missouri
  • Overland Park, Prometric Center
  • Lawrence, KS, Prometric Center

Study Guides

 There are some newer study guides out on the market now from places like


  • Praxis II Elementary Education Content Knowledge (5018): Study Guide (ISBN 1941759998


  • Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching K-6 (5622) Study Guide (ISBN 1635300142)

On-Site Study Help

he School of Education office on the Lamoni Campus has several copies of Praxis study guides by Cirrus Test Prep that may be checked out. 
  • Praxis II Elementary Education Content Knowledge (5018): Study Guide with Practice Test Questions 

  • Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching K-6 Study Guide: Test Prep and Practice Test Questions for the Praxis II PLT 5622 Exam 

  • Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching 7-12 Study Guide: Test Prep and Practice Test Questions for the Praxis II PLT 5624 Exam 



Online Study Options


Search YouTube for "praxis" and you'll find instructional videos for every test.  Here are a few:


New! Pinterest Board

Do you like Pinterest?  We have been collecting a variety of study helps in a new Pinterest Board called Praxis/CBASE Testing Resources.  

Free Study Options

 Teachers Test Prep: a really good site that provides a lot of study material for the 5018 and the 5622 PLT. You have to create an account, but they have study guides, full      exams, and other resources. 
Free Flashcards for Elementary Content Knowledge (5018):

Interactive Practice Tests (IPT)

IPT's are a valuable complementary offering to the free Study Companions and allow you to practice further with full-length practice tests that simulate the timed testing experience.  IPT's provide answers with explanations, a timer to simulate testing conditions, and automated scoring features including number of questions answered correctly and content category scores indicating the number of questions answered correctly in each content category to help you understand your performance level. 

Available IPT's can be purchased from the ETS Store at $17.95 per 90-day subscription. For more information, go to Test Preparation Webinars.

Practice Tests Available from ETS

ETS is now offering candidates the option to purchase specialized practice exams and study guides.  Go HERE, and in the dropdown menu choose a specific test to view all study resources offered by ETS (free and for purchase). 
Study Guides: Created by ETS test makers and available for immediate download. These guides contain content outlines, information on the types of questions found on the test, test-taking strategies, study topics with sample questions, and practice questions with correct answers and detailed rationales.
Self-Study Tutorial / Practice Tests: Created with your success in mind, these robust tutorials, jointly developed by ETS and Pearson, offers five important features that no other Praxis test preparation provides:
  • Practice pre- and post-tests written by ETS, the authors of the exam
  • Coverage of the concepts and theorists tested on the exam
  • Software that develops an individualized study plan
  • Writing assistance that scaffolds your development of constructed responses to classroom cases
  • A multimedia presentation of content for a truly interactive tutorial experience with rich, detailed feedback
  • 4-month subscription

How to Prepare for the Test

The PRAXIS II tests measure knowledge of specific subjects that K-12 educators will teach, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills and knowledge. The best preparation for PRAXIS II is the knowledge and experience you acquired in your college courses. You are encouraged to check out the study resources provided for you below. The ETS website also has more detailed information and downloadable study guides (

Online Study Help


Upcoming Change in Praxis Policy

It became apparent after examining testing data that the success rate of those who take the Praxis while still taking classes at Graceland is significantly better than those who choose to wait until they are done with student teaching.  As a result, the GSOE has changed its policy about Praxis requirements.  We do not make these decisions lightly; we want to ensure the success of our students. Our goal is to have students finish our program with license in hand at the time of graduation.  It has been too apparent that some students graduate, garner a teaching job, and then are unable to obtain their license due to not passing their Praxis exams.

Therefore, starting at the beginning of the 2018-2019 academic year (Fall 2018), in order to be eligible to student teach, all GSOE candidates must pass the Praxis II content knowledge exam and provide proof of registration for the Praxis PLT before beginning their student teaching placement.

This new policy will be initiated at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year for all teacher education students, regardless of when they began the program.

Elementary Major

Click the Links Below to access study materials from ETS

Pedagogy Test - (5622) Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): Grades K-6

  • 167 - Required Score

Content Knowledge Test - (5018) Elementary Education: Content Knowledge

  • 152 - Required Score 



Secondary Major

K-12 Major

Only ONE of the following pedagogy tests are required for K-12 majors. Choose the level you feel you are most prepared for. See your academic advisor or Garnet Coulthard ( if you have questions.

Pedagogy Tests

(5622) Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): Grades K-6

  • 167 - Required Score

(5623) Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): Grades 5-9 (recommended only for students with a middle school endorsement)

  • 166 - Required Score

(5624) Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): Grades 7-12 

  • 166 - Required Score


Choose only ONE content knowledge test for your major.

Major: (5135) Art / Concentrations: Art K-8 (113) and Art 5-12 (114)

  • 154 - Required Score

Major: (5113) Music / Concentrations: Music K-8 (144) and Music K-8 (145)

  • 155 - Required Score 

Major: (5095) K-12 Physical Education: Content and Design

  • 159 - Required Score


Please review the current edition of the ETS PRAXIS Bulletin for detailed information on registration/payment, accommodations, financial aid, what to expect on test day, score reports, and ETS contact information.


If you are unable to take the test, you may cancel online as outlined in the Praxis Refund Policies.  If you complete the refund form, you will mail it to:
Registration Refund
P.O. Box 6051
Princeton, NJ  08541-6051
The cancellation request must be received three days prior to the testing date.

Registering for the Test

PRAXIS is offered by the Education Testing Service (ETS) in a Computer-Delivered (Online) format. To register:

Request that your scores be sent to Graceland University (RA6249).
  We must have a copy of your score sheet in order for you to be recommended for licensure.

Register with the same name that's displayed on your ID.  On the day of the test, the testing center will look at your ID to verify your registration.

You are responsible for downloading a copy of your score report from your My Praxis account after the test.  See Accessing Your Scores for more information.

Computer-Delivered (Online)

Computer-delivered tests are only offered at Testing Center locations. Click HERE for a complete list of testing centers in Iowa and Missouri. You must wait 30 days to retake the computer-delivered test.
To Register:
  • Online Registration -  using a credit/debit card, echeck, or PayPal.
  • Phone- Call Prometric Candidate Services (800) 853-6773 using a credit/debit card.
  • Mail- Complete the Test Authorization Voucher Request Form (to pay by check or money order) and mail to ETS. Allow 3 weeks for delivery of the voucher. When you receive the voucher, call Prometic within 90 days to schedule your test. You must bring the voucher to the test center.

Check out this new interactive online demonstration to help you get familiar with the computer testing experience prior to test day. In this demo, you will walk through the entire process - from logging in to exiting a test - to help reduce anxiety on test day.


Testing accommodations are available for test takers who meet the Americans with Disabillities Act (ADA) Amendments Act disability requirements.
If you are requesting accommodations for a disabililty or a health-related need, you must register by mail. However, you may create a My Praxis account to view scores online and order additional score reports. Follow the steps below to register:
  1. Complete the Praxis Registration Form (pdf) .
  2. Complete the Testing Accommodations Request Form (available from the Gleazer School of Education Compliance Officer, 303 Zimmermann, or online in the Bulletin Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities or Health-related Needs (pdf).
  3. Submit all forms, documentation, and registration fees at least six weeks before the registration deadline to the address below.
  4. Wait for your confirmation letter, which will include important scheduling information. Please allow six weeks for your request to be processed.
Send To:
ETS Disability Services
P.O. Box 6054
Princeton, NJ  08541-6054

Financial Assistance

Student Financial Aid - If you want the cost of the Praxis to be covered by Student Financial Aid, you will need to give a copy of your receipt to the Student Financial Aid office so they can adjust your educational budget.
Fee Waivers - A limited number of fee waivers are available from ETS for candidates who meet eligibility requirements. More information is available on the ETS website .

Testing Day Requirements

  1. Verify your test location - Test locations sometimes change. Be sure to confirm your location before test day by logging into your MyPraxis account.
  2. Print your admission ticket - If you are taking a paper-delivered test, login to your MyPraxis account, print a copy of your admission ticket, and bring it with you to the test center. If you are taking a computer-delivered test, bring your authorization voucher with you.
  3. Assemble your identification documents - You must have acceptable and valid ID with name, signature, and photograph to be admitted to the test center. Check the ETS website for more detailed information about this requirement: .
  4. Dress appropriately - Testing room conditions vary. Dress in layers to ensure you are ready for any room temperature.
  5. Review procedures and regulations on the ETS website - Cell phones, PDA's, and any other electronic or photographic devices are not permitted ( .
  6. Arrive at least 30 minutes early .
  7. Review the list of important items to bring:   
  • Admission ticket or authorization voucher
  • Photo ID
  • Three or four sharpened, #2 pencils (paper-delivered test)
  • A good eraser (paper-delivered test)
  • Blue or black pen (paper-delivered test)
  • Calculator (Praxis 10014)


Accessing Your Scores

All test takers will view and download score reports online via your MyPraxis account.  This service is free of charge and will replace the mailing of a paper score report.  Scores for computer-delivered tests are available approximately 10 days after the testing date. Scores for paper-delivered tests will be available within four weeks after the testing date. See the Test Dates and Deadlines calendar for exact score reporting dates.
The process is easy — simply log into your My Praxis account and click on your score report. If you do not already have a MyPraxis account, you must create one in order to view your scores. You will be able to view, print and download your scores for one calendar year from the score report date. We recommend that you save a copy of your score report for future reference. After one year, scores are available by calling (877) 387-8322 for a $40 fee (per request).
Look on the front page of your score report to make sure Graceland is listed under the Score Recipient heading.  If not, send a copy of your score report to


You will receive an email verifying that your score sheet has been received and also stating whether you have passed the test or not.  Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for Graceland to receive your scores from ETS. If you have not received the email within 4 weeks after the testing date, please contact Garnet Coulthard (641) 784-5391 or .
Look on the front page of your score report to make sure Graceland is listed as a Score Recipient.  If not, send a copy of your score sheet to .
Most states do require a Praxis II test, but every state sets their own passing score.  You will be eligible for certification in Missouri, without retaking the test or meeting the higher score, if you have received certification from Iowa. A complete list of state requirements is available from the ETS website (
A secondary license issued by Iowa will transfer to Missouri without any testing. However, other states may require secondary testing. Go to the ETS website ( for lists of requirements for other states.
You have the option of taking the test sometime during your junior or senior year, but it is recommended to wait until the completion of Methods coursework. The test may be taken multiple times until a passing score has been achieved.
No, you don't have to pass the Praxis to graduate from Graceland, however, you must pass the required tests for your major to receive an Iowa Teaching License.