Practicums are counted in hours, where as student teaching is counted in days. Most practicums are 60-80 hours.. All student teaching is 70 days. While it is preferred that students complete their practicums from start to finish, completing them over the course of the semester is also allowed.  Student teaching days are counted if the district counts it as a day. So late starts and early outs will count as a full day of student teaching, but only the actual hours will count for practicums. المتجر
 متجر بلاي متجر بلاي
If school is dismissed early for a teacher in-service meeting, you must attend the meeting with your cooperating teacher. In the event of inclement weather or illness, the hours should be made up with additional days of attendance.
You may begin after the practicum has been approved and you have received an email from the Field Office with the specific dates of the placement. Hours completed prior to approval may not be counted on a time sheet.