Practicum Requirement

Student teacher candidates are required to successfully complete at least one practicum experience prior to student teaching. This clinical practice is typically completed the semester of student teaching, but can also be completed during other semesters. Most practicums are 60 hours (1 CR) in length with the exception on K-8 Reading which is 80 hours (2 CR). Teacher candidates should work with their advisor to complete the application and to determine the number of practicum hours necessary for their endorsement area.  All teacher candidates must complete at least one practicum prior to student teaching.  Teacher candidates seeking a SPED endorsement must complete that practicum prior to student teaching.
*Practicum hours may only be counted after students have started school.  Professional Development days do not count for the first day of practicum, but they can count after school has resumed if the teacher candisate attends.  
A Summer Practicum is by special arrangement only and has limited availability.

Practicum Requirements

During a Practicum, you will use Chalk and Wire to submit the following artifacts to your supervisor:
  1. Weekly Journals 
  2. Lesson Plans (three (3)
  3. Student Work Samples
  4. Time Sheet- documenting hours working directly with students only.

Chalk and Wire video tutorials are provided on the Chalk and Wire (Anthology Portfolio) page.   


This handout will provide an overview of the requirements of your practicum. 

Practicum Overview and Requirements

Practicum Courses

Admittance into Teacher Education required. (Graded on a Pass/Fail basis.)

  • EDUC3290 Early Childhood Practicum  (Pre-req: EDUC3200; EDUC3310)
  • EDUC3330 Reading Practicum (Pre-req: EDUC3390)
  • EDUC3450 K-5 Mild/Mod Special Ed Practicum (Pre-req: EDUC3200; EDUC3220)
  • EDUC3550 5-12 Mild/Mod Special Ed Practicum (Pre-req: EDUC3200; EDUC3230)
  • EDUC3710 Elementary Practicum (recommended Pre-req: EDUC3400 for Elementary Majors, ARTS3300 or PHED3333 or MUSC3390)
  • EDUC3720 Secondary Practicum (Pre or Co-req: EDUC3520 or Subject area methods)
  • EDUC3730 Combination K-8 and 5-12 Practicum (Pre or Co-req: EDUC3520 or Subject area methods)

Pre-requisite for all practicum courses is acceptance into the Teacher Education program

Acceptance BEFORE Application

You must be accepted into the Teacher Education program before applying for or being placed in a Practicum experience.
To check on your acceptance status, choose Enrollment Checklist from the Student tab in My Graceland.  Once all requirements are met, your name will automatically go before the Teacher Education Committee at their next meeting. You will receive a letter after the meeting explaining your acceptance status.
Contact your advisor or Garnet Coulthard ( if you have questions about your acceptance status.

Application Deadlines

Field Experience Application Deadline


  • Spring 2024 Practicum or Student Teaching
    • April 1, 2023-September 30, 2023


  • Summer 2024 Practicum 
    • October 1, 2023-January 31, 2024
  • Fall 2024 Practicum or Student Teaching
    • December 1, 2023 - March 28, 2024


The link below will take you to the Practicum Application page. Only students admitted to Teacher Education may see this page. This page has additional information you need to understand before you submit your application. 

Practicum Application

Both you and your cooperating teacher will receive an email from the Field Office as soon as your confirmation is received from the school. The email will include the details of your placement, including the school name, teacher, and start date.نظام نور
جوجل بلاي
Practicums are counted in hours, where as student teaching is counted in days. Most practicums are 60-80 hours.. All student teaching is 70 days. While it is preferred that students complete their practicums from start to finish, completing them over the course of the semester is also allowed.  Student teaching days are counted if the district counts it as a day. So late starts and early outs will count as a full day of student teaching, but only the actual hours will count for practicums. المتجر
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If school is dismissed early for a teacher in-service meeting, you must attend the meeting with your cooperating teacher. In the event of inclement weather or illness, the hours should be made up with additional days of attendance.
You may begin after the practicum has been approved and you have received an email from the Field Office with the specific dates of the placement. Hours completed prior to approval may not be counted on a time sheet.