Career Services for Education

Career Services is committed to career development, and assists students with the training and tools necessary to find purposeful work.

Education student are encouraged to utilize Career Services resources to assist in your job search or to help with your decision to continue onto graduate school.  This includes information to help with job interviews, networking, writing your resume and cover letter, as well as links to job opportunities and popular networking websites.

Preparation Before the Event

  1. Review the list of attending districts and prioritize your list in order of interest/desirability.
  2. Research the following to become familiar with the school district(s):
  • Visit the district website and review the district's mission statement, principal newsletters, events, and PTA minutes
  • What curriculum is being used?
  • What are the demographics of the district?
  • What are some of the district's goals?
  • Where is the district located? How many employees?
  • What career opportunities are available?
Additional Information

Dress for the Job Fair or Interview

Select appropriate interview apparel and try it on at least one week in advance. 

The Interview

Day of the Job Fair