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Vision Statement

The Edmund J. Gleazer School of Education is committed to being a premier Educator Preparation Program (EPP) that is visionary, innovative, responsive, and transformative.


Mission Statement

We develop educational leaders who practice an ethic of care and are agents for social change. We create inclusive learning communities that are reflexive and transformative. Supported by evolving technologies, we are process-oriented and purposefully work toward our goal to provide an innovative and cutting-edge program. We have an expressed and committed sensitivity to diverse learners. Our candidates learn to utilize a culturally-responsive pedagogy that meets the challenges of a global world.

The faculty is committed to professional development, and in turn, supports students in career-oriented paths of learning resulting in the development of competent professional educators. The Gleazer School of Education is dedicated to promoting visionary, innovative and responsive communities of practice.

The GSOE Conceptual Framework expands on the mission and identifies four domains that serve as cornerstones of the teacher educator program.  Faculty members purposefully move this model to practice and evidence that teachers who care about learners, reflect on instruction, and collaborate with others will have greater impact on student learning and motivation and will become successful leaders in the classroom.  This link contains supporting educational literature that aligns with the characteristics of our conceptual framework. 


Preparing and Supporting Effective Teachers Who

Care, Collaborate, Lead, and Reflect


Candidates seek to establish a relationship of acceptance and respect for learners that reflects the values of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.



Candidates develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to effectively involve learners, parents/guardians, colleagues, and the community.



Candidates prepare to facilitate instruction and assume broader leadership responsibilities to advance their profession.



Candidates analyze and synthesize from their academic and clinical experiences and articulate what they have felt, thought, and learned.


West Branch-Rose City Area Schools-Michigan

Category: Elementary School Teaching/Interventionist 
Date Posted: 5/8/2023
Location: West Branch-Rose City Area Schools
Date of Availability: August 21, 2023
Date Closing: 05/28/2023

                       West Branch - Rose City Area Schools 

                                      YOUR FUTURE BEGINS HERE!

DATED:                     May 8, 2023 
Interventionist (full-time)
                                Surline Elementary School

       1.  Identify at-risk students and individual needs for Tier 3 instruction
       2.  Organize schedule to work with targeted students
       3.  Use data to inform instruction and monitor progress
       4.  Provide specific instruction to individuals or small groups of students                 
      1.   Bachelor’s Degree.
      2.   Appropriate General Education (ZG) teaching certification by State of Michigan.
      3.   Must meet federal requirements to be highly qualified in grades K-4.
      4.   Ability to maintain confidentiality.
      5.  Training in best practice instructional strategies and techniques preferred.
      6.  Knowledge of Positive Behavior support program preferred.
      7.  Effectively teach district approved curriculum and follow state benchmarks and expectations.
      8.  Develop lesson plans, instructional material and differentiated instruction.
      9.  Ability to effectively relate and communicate with students, staff and parents.
    10.  Ability to organize, plan and effectively use technology and technology applications.
SALARY:                   Per Master Contract
EFFECTIVE DATE:  2023-2024 School Year, Starting August 21, 2023
REPORTS TO:         Building Principal
Frontline Education;
                                 link is on our website > Employment
CLOSING DATE:      May 28, 2023

Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools is doing a push to get art teachers in every school. If art education students are interested in teaching in a large urban environment Chicago will have jobs this fall. Chicago is one of the top districts for starting teacher pay in the country.

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