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For questions or concerns contact:




David Trewhitt

Director of Field Experiences

(816) 423-4748 or (816) 204-5719


Garnet Coulthard

Co-Director of Field Experiences


(641) 784-5391 or (800) 859-1215              


Kathy McElroy

Information Systems Coordinator

Co-Director of Accreditation and Assessment


(641) 784-5088

Post Graduate Endorsements

If you have already graduated and are returning to Graceland for additional endorsements, please follow the application guidelines on the public website: Post Graduate Endorsements

BEFORE You Apply for Field Experiences

Accepted to Teacher Education
You must be officially accepted to the Teacher Education program before applying for a field experience placement. Work with your advisor to determine your readiness for field experiences. The online application page (Apply for Practicum, PDS, or Student Teaching) will be available to you in the School of Education area in My Graceland after your acceptance.
Apply to Graduate
You should submit the Apply to Graduate application BEFORE submitting the application for student teaching. When you apply to graduate, the Registrar's Office will send you and your advisor a Graduation Audit to determine additional coursework that might be needed to graduate.  Your advisor will need this audit before he/she can approve your student teaching application. You should apply to graduate approximately six months or more before your intended graduation date.  For instance, if you plan to student teach Spring 2018, you should apply to graduate at the end of Spring 2017.  This allows time for you to complete courses over the summer, if needed.  
Approval Process for Student Teaching
Meet with your advisor to discuss your grad plan and make sure all required courses are or will be completed before student teaching. Your advisor will review your professional portfolio and let you know if you need any corrections as indicated on their checklist before submitting your application. Prepare for the application by discussing the EDUC student teaching course you will need for your major and endorsement area(s), as well as your top three school district choices. After making any portfolio changes suggested by your advisor, you may go ahead and submit your online application (including your portfolio URL) for an initial field office review. If the field office suggests further changes, fix your portfolio and then resubmit it to for final approval. Once your portfolio is deemed satisfactory, the field office will send your application to your advisor for final review and approval before the field office communicates with the school district to request a placement for you. 

Field Experience Application Dates

Applications will be open during certain windows of opportunity. Check application dates for the experience you are applying for to make sure your application is able to be submitted. 


Summer 2018 Practicum (by arrangement)  

Dec 1, 2017-Feb 28, 2018


Fall 2018 Practicum or Student Teaching    

Dec 1, 2017-Feb 28, 2018


Spring 2019 Practicum or Student Teaching  

Mar 15, 2018-May 15, 2018

Your Professional Portfolio

Student Teaching Requirement

Your professional portfolio will be shared with the school district when the Graceland Field Office requests a student teaching placement for you. This is your professional introduction to the school and should demonstrate that you can effectively communicate information about yourself both through carefully constructed documents and by using other visually appealing media. You will first create this portfolio during EDUC2420 Entry Workshop when you begin the program, and you will continue to revise and improve it until you are ready to apply for student teaching. One very important step is making sure your professional portfolio is complete and meets the expected quality levels so that you make a great first impression. Your portfolio will be reviewed first by the entry workshop instructors. The approval process described above for student teaching is for the sole purpose of ensuring that your portfolio has a professional appearance and that you've demonstrated quality writing with good grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Your Professional Portfolio must contain the following items:

  1. Home page
  2. Your Personal Introduction/Background
  3. Philosophy of Education
  4. Cover Letter 
  5. Resume

Professional Portfolio Support Resources

You will not be required to share your portfolio when you apply for practicum. However, if the school district where you are placed requires additional documents, the Field Office will request this from you at a later date.

How to Share Your Portfolio

You will create a web link (URL) in Chalk and Wire to share your portfolio with others.  In the Entry Workshop, you copied and pasted the URL into an email to the workshop instructors.  For student teaching, you will copy and paste the URL into the text box provided in the online student teaching application. This is the link the Field Office will send to the school district when your placement is requested. 


  1. First StepMake sure the Home page is the first page that will open when you share your portfolio with others.
    • Open your portfolio so you can see the table of contents on the left.
    • Select the Home page first and then return to the Table of Contents.
    • You should see the Home page highlighted blue to indicate it is selected. This will ensure the Home page is the first page people will see when you share your portfolio.
  1. Second StepCreate the URL you will share with others
    • On the right side click the blue button, "Share this Page"
    • Click the blue button, "Generate Share URL"

  1. Third StepShare the URL
    • Select the URL that appears in the text box by clicking and dragging from the far left all the way to the right, being careful to get the entire address. The URL is a little longer than what you can see in the box so keep dragging to the right until you’ve selected the entire thing.  You may also triple-click in the box which automatically selects the entire address.   The URL will look like this and ends with the number ‘48’ (see below).
    • Right click on the URL while you have it selected and choose Copy. (On a Mac computer, hold the “control” key as you click.)  You can now right click (or control click) in the body of a new email message (for entry workshop) or the text box provided in the online student teaching application, and choose paste.


NOTE: Test the URL before you include it in your application!

Application Confirmation

***After submitting your online student teaching application, the next screen will say that you submitted your application successfully. You will also receive a copy of the completed application in your Graceland email. 

If you do NOT see the confirmation screen or copy in your Graceland email, contact Kathy McElroy immediately ( 

Generic Cover Letter Instructions


This page will serve as your direct communication with the school district. This letter should be generic, so do not mention a district specifically.  Do not date it as requests go out much later than when you submit your portfolio. In your application you’ll state your top three district choices, and if your cover letter is generic in nature, it lets the Field Office continue to send your information to your second and third choices if the first one doesn’t work out. 

First, you will want to clearly state you are seeking a student teaching placement in their district and why you have chosen to be considered for the school district.  Explain why you picked the district as one of your top placement choices (flatter them a bit).  In most cases, your reasoning will be the same for your top three choices so you should be able to write it in a generic way.  Why are you a good fit for these schools?  What makes you better than other applicants?  This is an opportunity to show you have done some research on the school’s philosophy or programs that reflect your own goals and interests.  Again, be concise.  The letter should be no longer than two or three well written paragraphs at most. Include your major and endorsement areas.  

Cover Letter Example: 

Dear School Administrator,

I am currently working on my _______ degree with an endorsement in _______, and I am seeking a student teaching placement in your school district. I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of children, and my resume provides more details about the experiences I’ve had working with children in the past. I have requested your district because _______, and I feel I have a lot to offer your school district and the students in it. This student teaching experience will allow me the opportunity to connect with students and not only teach content but, also lifelong lessons.


Plan to include:

  • Greeting: Dear School Administrator
  • Your endorsement area
  • Any great experiences you have working with kids
  • Why you have chosen this district and/or other particulars of the placement
  • Explain what you feel you have to offer the school district and/or students through this experience

Additional Help for Cover Letter

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Handbook Resources
Students with Special Needs (.pdf, 257K)
For Student Teacher
Student Teaching Checklist (.docx, 17K)
Disposition Self-Evaluation (mid and final) (.pdf, 357K)
Video Evaluation/Reflection (.pdf, 171K)
Student Teaching Phases (.docx, 18K)
Alumni Contact Information (.pdf, 10K)
InTASC Self-Evaluation (.pdf, 420K)
Suggested InTASC Activities (.pdf, 313K)
Program Evaluation (.pdf, 421K)
Multicultural and Technology Surveys (.pdf, 271K)
Lesson Plan Template (Word) (.docx, 18K)
Lesson Plan Template-Student Guide (.pdf, 94K)
Journal Rubric (.pdf, 282K)
Example Video Permission (.pdf, 24K)
Time Sheet (.docx, 18K)
Student Teaching Course Chart (.pdf, 283K)
Field Experience Portfolio Guidelines (.pdf, 526K)
Resume Example (.docx, 28K)
For Cooperating Teacher
InTASC Evaluation_Coop (Word) (.docx, 106K)
Lesson Critique Form (.doc, 47K)
Lesson Critique Checklist (.pdf, 25K)
InTASC Evaluation_Coop (PDF) (.pdf, 522K)
Planning Template (.docx, 12K)
Planning Template (14 week) (.docx, 33K)
Planning Template (7 weeks) (.docx, 14K)
Program Evaluation Questions (.pdf, 428K)
Disposition Coop (Word) (.docx, 23K)
Mock InTASC Evaluation Tool_Coop Teacher (Word) (.docx, 957K)
Mock InTASC Evaluation Tool_Coop Teacher (PDF) (.pdf, 479K)
Iowa Renewal Credit Form 15_16 (.docx, 26K)
Cooperating Teacher Overview (.pdf, 502K)
Required Artifacts 2015-2016
Required Artifacts_English (.pdf, 297K)
Student Teaching Journal (.pdf, 281K)
Lesson Plans_Elementary (.pdf, 338K)
Required Artifacts_Math (.pdf, 285K)
Pre/Post Assessment_Elementary (.pdf, 309K)
Required Artifacts_Music (.pdf, 288K)
Required Artifacts_PE (.pdf, 303K)
Work Samples_Elementary (.pdf, 267K)
Video Reflection_Elementary (.pdf, 268K)
Disposition_Coop (PDF) (.pdf, 415K)
Required Artifacts_Science (.pdf, 392K)
Required Artifacts_SStudies (.pdf, 323K)
For Supervisor
Exit Interview (Word) (.docx, 26K)
Exit Interview (PDF) (.pdf, 138K)
Supervisor Overview (.pdf, 202K)
Exit Interview (PDF) (.pdf, 136K)
Exit Interview (Word) (.docx, 26K)
Alumni Contact Information (.docx, 14K)
Alumni Contact Information (PDF) (.pdf, 4K)
Evaluation of Cooperating Teacher and School (Word) (.docx, 20K)
Evaluation of Cooperating Teacher and School (PDF) (.pdf, 8K)
Exit Interview Checklist (Word) (.docx, 26K)
Exit Interview Checklist (PDF) (.pdf, 136K)
Field Experience Handbook (PDF) (.pdf, 2665K)
Disposition Supervisor 2017-2018 (.docx, 20K)
Create Manual Assessment Instructions (.pdf, 558K)
Chalk and Wire Assessment Instructions (.pdf, 201K)
InTASC Supervisor 2016-2017 (.docx, 120K)
Supervisor Checklist (.pdf, 188K)
Chalk and Wire Support
Managing Images (eP4.7) (.pdf, 202K)
Resume Example for Field Experience Portfolio (.pdf, 278K)
Extra Stuff
Distance Placement Chart (.docx, 17K)
Guidelines for Field Experience Portfolio (.pdf, 507K)
Advisor Checklist (.docx, 18K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.