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The Field Office coordinates candidate field experiences for methods classes, as well as placements for practicum and student teaching. Course credit is given only for placements assigned by the university through the Field Office and supervised by university faculty.
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Garnet Coulthard

Education Prep Specialist & Field Placement Coordinator

School of Education

(641) 784-5391  


Application Deadlines

Field Experience Application Deadline


  • Spring 2025 Practicum or Student Teaching
    • April 1, 2024-September 30, 2024


  • Summer 2025 Practicum 
    • October 1, 2024-January 31, 2025


  • Fall 2025 Practicum or Student Teaching
    • December 1, 2024 - March 31, 2025


Returning to Graceland for an Endorsement

If a student has already graduated from Graceland but are interested in achieving additional endorsements, currently licensed teachers will need to compete any missing coursework and complete a practicum in the endorsement area they are seeking. 

Practicums for postgraduates are handled differently than for current students. As a postgraduate, students will need to send the Field Office an email including the name of the building and cooperating teacher that they will work with. Please include the principal's name.  Most students will complete their practicum in their own classroom since they may already working with those students.  A certified teacher will need to observe and evaluate the practicum. Once the Field Office has that information, they will put together a placement for student.