What is EDUC2420 Entry Workshop?

This course is conducted as a workshop that meets during the semester (zero credit).  Students are given access to the Program Handbook and instructed on the requirements for the Teacher Education Program. Students need to take time to read the Program Handbook as it contains a lot of information about the program.

Chalk & Wire Electronic Portfolio

All Graceland education students will use Chalk & Wire as their electronic portfolio software. The portfolio development process allows teacher candidates to submit evidence of their growth as they critically reflect on their own learning as well as that of the students they will teach.

Undergraduate candidates begin using Chalk & Wire in EDUC2420 Entry Workshop, and will continue using it through the end of student teaching. 

Students should enroll in EDUC2420 Entry Workshop the term after completing EDUC1400 Introduction to Education. This class is required for all transfer students in education during their first term at Graceland. (Graded on a Pass/Fail basis)

Entry Workshop Instructors

Lamoni Campus

Independence Campus

During the workshop, students receive their login and training for Chalk and Wire, an electronic portfolio system.

Here is the link to Chalk and Wire log in page Log in to Chalk and Wire

To Pass the Workshop

Complete the following to pass the workshop:

Requirements for Entry Workshop



Application for Teacher Education

Fill out form during workshop, electronic form is available in Chalk and Wire or a paper copy is located under Handouts

Recommendations (minimum of one [1] for Entry Workshop, three [3] total required to be accepted into the teacher education program.)

Send form to the reference person-have them return it to Garnet Coulthard coulthar@graceland.edu

Form is located under Handouts

Graduation Plan

Submit Grad Plan in Chalk and Wire

  • Independence -  meet with advisor and submit to your Entry Workshop Faculty
  • Lamoni (Elementary) - meet with education advisor, submit to your Entry Workshop Faculty
  • Lamoni (Secondary) - meet with subject area advisor to create grad plan, then meet with education advisor.  Submit to your Entry Workshop Faculty.

Grad Plan Template is located under Handouts

Content Knowledge Practice Test

You will take a practice praxis test during entry workshop.

Pre Multicultural and Technology Surveys

Complete survey questions during workshop session and submit in Chalk and Wire.

See Handouts for the guide to help you set up and navigate your Chalk and Wire account.