Cooperating Teacher Workshop

 Iowa requires that we offer this annually to all of our cooperating teachers. It is our hope that you will find this helpful when working with our student teacher candidates. 


This workshop consists of six units and the workshop evaluation located in the left-hand column.  The workshop may be completed at your convenience, returning as many times as necessary to review the information. 

On the last page labeled Finishing Up/Evaluation, please complete the short survey to ensure we are meeting the needs of teachers and to verify completion of the workshop. 

The cooperating or mentor teacher has a tremendous influence on the student teacher candidate placed in their classroom.  This influence includes curriculum and instructional strategies, classroom management strategies, classroom atmosphere, and perhaps most importantly, the professional dispositions that will guide the future teacher's decision-making. Iowa 79.14(8) requires that we offer one or more workshops for cooperating teachers to define the objectives of the student teaching experience, review the responsibilities of the cooperating teacher, and provide the cooperating teacher other information and assistance we feel necessary. This workshop provides additional resources to assist you in mentoring a student teacher including:

  • tips and suggestions from previous teachers and student teachers
  • articles on best practices for mentoring a student teacher
  • opportunity to complete a "mock evaluation" using a Graceland evaluation form 

The student teaching experience helps teacher candidates to develop the skills needed to become reflective leaders and teachers.  This challenge provides an opportunity to develop appropriate attitudes and understanding, and to acquire knowledge, skills, and techniques under the guidance of an experienced classroom teacher, the university supervisor, and other team members. 

Student teaching is a full-time experience. Student teachers are strongly discouraged from being involved in any coursework or other activities that might interfere with the completion of student teaching responsibilities. As a full-time experience of 14 weeks (70 consecutive days), student teaching should be the central focus of the professional semester.

The student teacher has been given a handbook that contains all information and instructions they will need to successfully complete a student teaching placement.   This handbook includes information about the entire teacher education program, Below is the Teacher Education handbook. The section that covers student teaching may be accessed here:

Student Teaching Syllabus

Program Handbook