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Chalk & Wire (Anthology Portfolio) is a cloud-based, online e-portfolio system that allows candidates to engage in continuous improvement by acting on meaningful feedback in a real-time environment.  By providing a place for collection, analysis, reporting, sharing, and organizing student-learning data, Chalk & Wire provides a comprehensive view of individual candidate and performance.  At the end of the program, student teacher candidates will be able to store work in a professional electronic portfolio, that can be downloaded and shared with potential employers.  It is formatted as a website and an electronic alternative to the more traditional paper portfolio.

The Support Center Student Support provides education candidates with technology help and support.  Training resources include step-by-step instructions that you can either print or save to your computer, and video tutorials that visually demonstrate how to use Chalk and Wire.  



Support Options

If at anytime students have questions or problems with Chalk and Wire, they may call or email either the School of Education office, or contact Chalk and Wire directly. 

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