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Graceland Testing Dates 2017-2018

Lamoni Campus – Wednesdays (Room 106 Resch Hall) 4:00 p.m.

September 13last day to register September 8

November 8last day to register November 3

January 17last day to register January 12

March 28 – last day to register March 23


Independence Campus – Saturdays (Room 221) 9:00 a.m.

June 3 – last day to register June 2

September 9 – last day to register September 8

November 4 – last day to register November 3

January 13 – last day to register January 12

March 10 -  last day to register March 9

Subjects Covered

Required for Acceptance to Teacher Education

The CBASE for Graceland University consists of 97 multiple-choice questions in two content areas: English (41 questions), and mathematics (56 questions). Each subject area of CBASE takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. If you are taking the writing assignment, a short break will be given before the multiple-choice section. You should arrive at the test site 20-30 minutes prior to the testing time.

  • Reading/Literature - Understand literature by reading critically and analytically.
  • Writing - Complete a writing exercise to demonstrate an understanding of written English conventions. Understand writing as a process.

  • General Math - Demonstrate an ability to use statistics, properties, and notations. Understand the practical applications of math.
  • Algebra - Be able to evaluate expressions, equations, and inequalities.
  • Geometry - Understand two and three dimensional figures as well as geometrical calculations

Testing Day Requirements

Student to Bring

  • CBASE Confirmation Email
  • Photo ID
  • Your Social Security Number (don't need to bring card)
  • Two pencils
  • Cell phones are NOT allowed at the testing site
  • Food and beverages are NOT allowed at the testing site

Provided for You

  • Calculator
  • Practice paper (during Math)

Time to Complete

The exam will take approximately four hours to complete including time for instructions, writing exercise, a break, and multiple choice questions. You are not allowed to have food and beverages in the testing site, so it's a good idea to eat prior to the test. You will be given a short break during the testing period. You should arrive at the test site 20 - 30 minutes prior to the testing time. Late arrivals will not be admitted.

After the Test

If you take the test at a Graceland sponsored campus (Lamoni or Independence), your test results will automatically be mailed to Graceland from the testing center.  Your scores are entered in Graceland's system, and you will receive an email the same day verifying that your scores were received and also confirming whether you passed or not.
If you take the test at another institution, you need to make sure that Graceland receives a copy of your scoresheet.  Please send to:
Postal Mail:
Kathy McElroy
1 University Place
Graceland University
Lamoni, IA   50140
Fax: 641-784-5481

Before the Test

  • Prepare for the exam by studying for the type of exam given. If it is a multiple choice exam, create flash cards that help you memorize the material. If you must write an essay, create outlines that help you see the relationships in the material.
  • Get a good night's rest prior to the test day and eat a healthy breakfast or lunch on the day of the exam (don't overeat!)
  • Bring a watch to your exam - it will help you manage your time during the test.

When You Begin

  • Take a deep breath to relax. Anxiety may reduce your confidence and be an obstacle to doing your best.
  • Preview the whole test briefly before you begin (if allowed). This will help get you warmed up to take the test and allow you to note the way the test is organized.
  • Figure out how much time you have for each section of the test and how much each section is worth. Allocate your time accordingly - don't spend the whole test on a section that is worth only 10 points.

During the Test

  • ALWAYS read the directions before you work on a section. Circle key words of importance such as compare, contrast, similar, and different. Failing to read directions can cause you to completely misjudge what the test is asking.
  • Ask the proctor to explain directions you don't understand.
  • Divide and conquer! Answer the easy questions first to build confidence. This will also allow you to rack up as many points as possible right from the start. However, always be sure to mark the questions you don't answer right away so you can go back to them.
  • Pace yourself. Check your watch from time to time to make sure you're pacing yourself appropriately.
  • When in doubt, guess. You at least have a chance that you might guess correctly.
  • Don't let others distract you. Focus only on your own test. If others are writing and you aren't, don't panic. If others finish before you do, try not to get nervous.
  • Use any extra time to first make sure you've answered all the questions. Then, go over the more difficult questions and read them a second time. Read essays carefully for accuracy first and grammar second.
  • Don't change your initial answer unless you have a good reason to do so. Research indicates that 3 out of 4 times a first choice was probably correct.

Register Online

Online registration is available for all candidates.  If you have a disability that will require accommodations, please meet with Nicole Briell ( | (641) 784-5083 | Room 26 Memorial Student Center (MSC). She will fill out the required accommodations forms and help you register online for the test.
You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your registration. Take this with you the day of the test to verify your registration. 

Register On-Site

Register with the site coordinator on your campus: Lamoni Campus - Kathy McElroy; Independence Campus - Bethany Jordan. You will need to pay the $60 fee at the time of registration. We can charge your student account, or you may pay with cash or personal check. A receipt will be given to you for entrance into the exam.

Special Accommodations

Graceland will provide reasonable accommodations to any individual who presents documentation of a physical or mental disability. Meet with Nicole Briell, Director of Student Disabilities Services:  | (641) 784-5083 } Office 26 Memorial Student Center (MSC).  Nicole will complete the required forms and help you register online for the test.  You may give Nicole cash or check for the $60 fee, or we can charge your student account.

Non-Native Speakers 
If English is not your native language, you may also be eligible to receive accommodations for additional time when taking the test. Follow the same process above with Nicole Briell.


Upcoming CBASE Policy Change - Fall 2016/Spring 2017

In order to ensure the success of our students, the Gleazer School of Education has decided to change it’s current CBASE policy. Our goal is to have students who start our program, finish our program with license in hand.

New Policy - Two Attempts

Starting at the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year (Fall 2016), students will be given TWO attempts to pass the CBASE.  If, after two attempts, a student has not passed the entry exam, that individual will be required to meet with his or her advisor and decide upon an alternate course of study or petition the Teacher Education Committee to be allowed another attempt.  These petitions will only be approved on a rare basis and should not be considered an “option” for passing the test.  It will be critical for you to take this test seriously and utilize effective study techniques.

Any attempts to pass the CBASE test now will not “count” toward the two attempts allowed when the 16-17 school year begins. At that time, all students (regardless of past attempts) will be held to the same policy and each individual will be given two attempts to pass.

Contact your advisor with any questions or concerns you might have.


New Policy - Only English and Math Sections Required to pass CBASE 

The GSOE faculty officially changed its policy regarding CBASE, based on State of Iowa Board of Education guidelines.  Effective immediately, students seeking admission into the Teacher Education program will be required to pass the English and Math tests only. Scores must be at or above the passing rate of 235 for each test.

This policy will also apply retroactively to any students who may have already completed the CBASE exam and fallen under the following circumstances:

  • If a student previously passed the English and Math tests at or above 235, but were unable to pass the composite, will now be accepted into the program.
  • If a student has already passed, using the composite score, he or she will still be accepted, even if his/her English and/or Math score were below 235.

If you are currently preparing to take the CBASE exam, you should restrict your attempt to English and Math and if you have already registered for all 4 tests, you should remove the Social Studies and Science portions. Please see your adviser if you are unsure how this will effect you.


New Pinterest Board!

Check out our new collection of study helps in our Pinterest Board, Praxis/CBASE Testing Resources .  Creating a Pinterest account is FREE if you don't already have one.

Scholastic Study Books for Checkout!

The School of Education has purchased Scholastic reference books to help students study for English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. These books are excellent study resources that give you an overview of all four subject areas required on the CBASE.  You may check them out from the site coordinator on your campus.

  • Lamoni - Kathy McElroy
  • Independence - Bethany Jordan

If you would like having your own copy, these books are also available at any major bookstore.  Used books can be purchased on for less than $10.00.

Reading and Literature Help

Essay Writing Help

English Help

Math and English Preparation Videos

Mometrix Academy has created FREE Review Videos for specific Math and English concepts and writing skills.  These videos are based on the Praxis I exam, which assesses your content knowledge in a similar method as CBASE.  Math, Reading, and Writing are broken down into videos targeting specific concepts, so you can choose the ones you need the most help with.

Mometrix Test Preparation Review Videos

Aleks Study Site for Math

Go online to the ALEKS Website ( and sign up for the Basic Math Program from the College Courses level section to review for the test.  The cost is $20 to download the tutoring materials for 30 days. You'll take a pre-test and then work on any deficit areas.  More details are available at .

Campus Study Help

Tutoring is available on each campus. Contact your site director or secretary for more information.
Study guides and materials available:
Lamoni - School of Education Office (Kathy McElroy) or F.M. Smith Library
Independence - F.M. Smith Library and Bethany Jordan's office

Tips From Students Who Passed

  • Purchase Praxis Elementary Education Content Knowledge (5014) study books from bookstores or online (; Barnes and Noble; Borders). Note: If you purchase a LearningExpress book, you will be given an access code for online practice sessions on their website.

  • Take the test every time it's offered.  Don't wait.
  • Devote time  to study for the test. Be determined to pass.

  • Find tutors for the specific areas where you are struggling.


Online Study Guides

New! Study Guides to Rent or Purchase

Standardized Test Help

Essay Help from the Writing Center

Graceland's Writing Center is devoted to assisting students with writing skills like the essay portion of the CBASE.  Lamoni students can set up face-to-face tutoring appointments in the Library.  Students from Independence, Trenton, and Centerville can work with tutors online. 
How to Write an Essay (power point)
Contact the Writing Center
Francis Acland, Writing Center Director
(641) 784-5077