Teacher Education

Acceptance to Teacher Education
Candidates must be officially accepted into the Teacher Education program prior to enrolling in Practicum and Student Teaching field experiences and registering for Methods coursework. Refer to the Acceptance page for a complete list of requirements.

Field Experiences 



  • You need 120 hours to graduate.
  • When you are signed up for senior-level classes and before you submit the online application for student teaching, complete the Application for Graduation at the beginning of the year.
  • Before completing your student teaching, apply for your Iowa Teaching License on the Iowa Board of Education Educational Examiners site. 


Creating the Graduation Plan

During the semester of EDUC2420 Entry Workshop, education students will meet with their academic advisor to create a plan of coursework needed for graduation.  During the workshop, they will use Chalk and Wire to submit the grad plan document.
  • Determine anticipated graduation date and work backwards.
  • Understand that if they are seeking additional endorsements, minors, or majors, they may need more time to graduate. It will possibly mean more practicums and student teaching.
  • Secondary Education students should see their content advisor first, then meet with the their designated Education advisor. See the list on the right side of this page. 
  • Secondary Education students should check in with their education advisor at least once every semester to make sure they are on track.
  • Once students have a graduation plan in place, they need to see their education advisor for any changes. 

Advising Prospective or New Education Students

Advising Current Education Students

Title Description File type

If you are majoring in a secondary of K-12 subject area, you have been assigned an Education Advisor from the School of Education.

Contact your Education Advisor to ensure that your education requirements are being met.

Major Advisor Phone Email
Art   784-5444 @graceland.edu
English Shaen Polasky 784-5225 polasky1@graceland.edu
Health Shaen Polasky 784-5225 polasky1@graceland.edu
PE Shaen Polasky  784-5225 polasky1@graceland.edu
History Tanya Coffelt 784-5263 coffelt@graceland.edu
Math Tanya Coffelt 784-5263 coffelt@graceland.edu
Science Tanya Coffelt 784-5263 coffelt@graceland.edu
Music   784-5444  @graceland.edu


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