Chalk and Wire

All faculty members teaching core courses and/or supervising student teachers will be given a username and password for Chalk and Wire.  To login, go to:  If you have trouble with your login or need help with Chalk and Wire, contact Garnet Coulthard ( or call (641) 784-5591. 

Core Courses

If you are teaching a core course for the Graceland School of Education, your students will have two assessments in Chalk and Wire: a Signature assessment and a Dispositions assessment.  These are described below with links to the rubrics.  Core courses include:

  • EDUC3100 Human Relations
  • EDUC3580 Education of Exceptional 
  • EDUC3590 Ed Psych 
  • EDUC4250 Professional Seminar
  • EDUC3540 Elementary Methods Lab
  • EDUC3520 General Secondary Methods
  • EDUC3542 Secondary Methods Lab

Signature Assessment

In each core course, one of the assignments will be called a Signature Assignment.  The student will submit this document/project to you in Chalk and Wire where it will be assessed with the Signature Rubric.  This allows the School of Education to collect a common assessment across many courses using a variety of student work.  

You will receive an email notification whenever a student submits work to you.  These emails don't need to be saved.  Instead, just bookmark the URL ( in your web browser, so you can login whenever you want without the notification.