Graceland Contact Information


The Program Handbook for Teacher Education contains a lot of answers to questions you may have.  If you a concern about teacher candidate, please consult with the lead faculty or chair.  The handbook contains more information about concerns on page.....  

If a candidate requests an Incomplete, please reach out to the lead faculty or the chair.  

Graceland's online course platform is called Brightspace.

Graceland's Brightspace portal can be found at Students and faculty log in using the same password as they use to get into My Graceland or to print to campus printers.

If you don’t know how to log into My Graceland, please contact TechSupport via email at or via phone at +1 641.784.5400 (Toll Free +1 866.472.2352 option 5).

Chalk and Wire

All faculty members teaching core courses and/or supervising student teachers will be given a username and password for Chalk and Wire.  To login, go to:  If you have trouble with your login or need help with Chalk and Wire, contact Garnet Coulthard ( or call (641) 784-5591. 

Core Courses

If you are teaching a core course for the Graceland School of Education, your students will have two assessments in Chalk and Wire: a Signature assessment and a Dispositions assessment.  These are described below with links to the rubrics.  Core courses include:

  • EDUC3100 Human Relations
  • EDUC3580 Education of Exceptional 
  • EDUC3590 Ed Psych 
  • EDUC4250 Professional Seminar
  • EDUC3540 Elementary Methods Lab
  • EDUC3520 General Secondary Methods
  • EDUC3542 Secondary Methods Lab

Signature Assessment

In each core course, one of the assignments will be called a Signature Assignment.  The student will submit this document/project to you in Chalk and Wire where it will be assessed with the Signature Rubric.  This allows the School of Education to collect a common assessment across many courses using a variety of student work.  

You will receive an email notification whenever a student submits work to you.  These emails don't need to be saved.  Instead, just bookmark the URL ( in your web browser, so you can login whenever you want without the notification. 



Adjunct Faculty are given the most current copy of the syllabus for the course they will be teaching from the lead faculty.  

(.pdf, 148K)

Iowa §79 requires that the School of Education will hold faculty members accountable for professional growth to meet the academic needs of the program. Faculty members will engage in professional education and maintain ongoing involvement in activities in preschool and elementary, middle, or secondary schools. This will include at least 4 hours of instruction at the appropriate grade level(s) every semester, reaching a minimum of 40 hours over a five-year period spanning 6/1/23 – 5/31/28.

(.docx, 45K)

Online Course Delivery

Using an online course delivery tool will improve communication with your students, and will also give you cost effective options for making your syllabus, assignments, and other information available to your students. Graceland uses two online course delivery tools: My Graceland ( and Brightspace by D2L (

Step One: Contact the Lead Teacher to Determine the Best Online Course Delivery Tool for Your Course
Check with the Lead Teacher for your course. He/She can let you know how the course has been handled in the past and what seemed to work best. 

Step Two: Set Up Your Course
If the course has previously been created in Brightspace, contact ITS to make a copy for you (641-784-5167). They can also assist you in updating the course with your own information. He'll need the following information:

  • (Your course) Your Name, Course Number, Section Number, Term/Year
  • (Previous course to be copied) Name of instructor, Course Number, Term/Year

Step Three: Your Login
Brightspace and My Graceland use your Graceland network username, which is the beginning of your Graceland email address (i.e.  

Accessing your Class List

You can access a list of students registered for your course in My Graceland on the Faculty tab.

  1. Faculty tab
  2. Faculty and Advisor Home
  3. Class List - Cognos Report
  4. Login with your My Graceland username and password
  5. Enter the Academic Year (1920 for 2019-2020 academic year)
  6. Choose the session
  7. Enter the EDUC course number (EDUC3100)
  8. Click Next
  9. Choose your section and click Next
  10. The list displays on the screen.  You may also click the red and green buttons above to download as PDF or Excel.

Grade Entry

Grade entry is handled in My Graceland from the Faculty tab. Click HERE for instructions.