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Gleazer School of Education Directory
Name Phone E-mail
Lamoni Campus (641) 784-____ 
Michele Dickey-Kotz (Dean and Faculty) 5202 dickey
Jane Chaillie (Faculty) 5444 jnhall
Tanya Coffelt (Faculty) 5263 coffelt
Garnet Coulthard (Education Prep Specialist & Field Placement Coordinator) 5391 coulthar
Dennis McElroy (Faculty) 5292 dmcelroy
Fax 5481  
Independence Campus (816) 423-____  
Allison Dudley (Faculty) 4742 adudley


Preparing and Supporting Effective Teachers Who:


Candidates seek to establish a relationship of unconditional acceptance and respect for learners.


Candidates analyze, synthesize their experiences, articulating what they have felt, thought and learned through instructing learners.


Candidates prepare to lead instruction and assume leadership roles to advance their profession.


Candidates engage in high levels of involvement with learners, colleagues and the community.

Raytown Quality Schools Employment Opportunities

Raytown Quality Schools in Raytown, Missouri has openings for a Title I Reading Teacher and a Title I Math Teacher at two elementary schools for the 2020-2021 school year.  More information on these openings and to browse all of their current job listings may be found on their website.

Americorps Volunteer Services Coordinator

Volunteer Services Coordinator: AmeriCorps Year of Service with Truman Heritage Habitat for Humanity. 


Spend one year of service to help recruit, train, schedule, retain, and recognize volunteers while growing the volunteer base and advancing individual and group partnerships, especially engaging volunteers to get more involved going forward.   Build sustainable solutions in Eastern Jackson County (office in Independence, MO), gain valuable hands-on experience and prepare for your future. This full-time AmeriCorps service position offers a great opportunity to make a real impact in the lives of others while building your own knowledge and skillset.  

Learn more at the link above or contact Lindsay for a copy of the final position description.  Start in August 2020.  

Benefits of AmeriCorps service in addition to skills learned and people helped:


*Living allowance $15,850 for approximately 10 ½ months of service.

*Segal Education Award of $6,195, upon successful completion of service.

*Health care benefits and enrollment in Employee Assistance Plan.

*Personal and medical leave — approximately 10 days total.

*Possible forbearance or deferment of qualified student loans.

*Child care benefits, if you qualify.

*Worker’s compensation insurance.

What is AmeriCorps video:

GSEA - What is it?

GSEA stands for Graceland Student Education Association. It is a club for any and all students pursuing a career in education. Last year not many people knew about GSEA and membership was low, so this year we are trying to promote it as much as possible! Not only will this organization look great on your resume, but you will have fun in the process!

The organization completes service projects and works to promote education. Don't miss out!  Come and join us. If you have any questions or comments regarding GSEA, please feel free to contact Jane Chaillie ( .