Please see the Safety Services page for information about GU Safe Ride and GU Alert.

Personal Safety Recommendations:

  • Do not walk alone during the hours of darkness.
  • If you must walk along, inform someone at your destination when to expect you.  
  • If you are attacked, do anything to bring public attention to your situation:  scream, bite, kick and stomp the attacker's foot with your heel.  Keep items of value out of sight.
  • Safeguard documents containing personal information others could use to commit identity theft.
  • Lock your residence hall door when you are asleep or when the room is not occupied.
  • Report suspicious activity promptly.
  • Never prop open residence hall exterior doors.
  • Never loan your access/ID card to others. 
  • Mark items of value with an identifying number or symbol.  Record serial numbers.  Photograph items of value.  Never use your social security number as an identifying number.
  • Register your bicycle and lock it to a campus bike rack or keep it in your room when not in use.