Graceland University has partnered with United Educators, whose mission is to help students address critical life skills such as alcohol abuse prevention, sexual assault prevention, and financial literacy in higher education institutions across the country.  Each year over 5 million students and employees complete these courses.

As part of our comprehensive prevention program for students and employees, and in order to comply with federal guidelines, Graceland University requires all students to complete Impressions (a sexual assault prevention course) & Know Your Limits (an alcohol awareness course)


Please click HERE for a list of On & Off Campus Confidential Resources for Students (Persons not mandated to report).


As a Christian institution, Graceland University seeks to foster relationships that reflect mutual concern, dignity, and individual worth.  Consistent with its religious heritage and commitment to a healthful life-style, Graceland values and promotes an environment free of harassment and exploitation in sexual relationships.
In an effort to prevent sexual harassment and proactively address these issues, Graceland University has engaged in the following educational programs:
  • New students are required to complete an online orientation program about issues related to sexual responsibility, sexual assault and sexual harassment.
  • Campus Counselor presents programs in men's and women's residence halls each semester to educate students about sexual health (STD's, birth control, sexual responsibility and sexual safety).
  • Literature about sexual health and safety is available to students from the Professional Personal Counselor and the local medical clinic.