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Welcome to Graceland University! For the next few years you will be on one of the most exciting journeys of your life. Among the many things you will experience, this journey will teach you about your rights and responsibilities as a citizen. One of the most important rights and responsibilities is the right to vote and responsibility to participate in our democracy. You should Register and Vote in all elections.

For many of you, your college years will afford you the first opportunity to exercise your right to vote. In Iowa, the procedures for registering and voting are simple and straightforward. Please log on to the Iowa Secretary of State web site at for complete registering and voting information.  Or visit the national voter registration information and forms at the following link -

If you are interested in politics, you can get involved in a campus political group or contact local, state, and federal candidates at their campaign offices. In addition, you can contact local, state or national political parties. Many candidates and political parties now have web sites. The state parties in Iowa can be contacted at the websites below.

The Iowa Democratic Party -
The Iowa Green Party -
The Libertarian Party of Iowa -
The Republican Party of Iowa -
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