The Graceland University Registrar and support staff are committed to providing confidential, effective services for all current and former students and for those who have concern for the education of the students, e.g., faculty, parents, agencies/organizations and other administrative offices within Graceland University. Services are provided professionally, through a friendly, caring atmosphere within bounds stipulated by university policy, the federal government and other external regulatory bodies. Emphasis is placed on providing secure services through the Web, whenever possible, to enable students access to information at any time. All services are designed and executed with accuracy and speed to promote student confidence and pride in Graceland University. The services include:

  • Maintaining accuracy and insuring the confidentiality of students' academic records.
  • Producing official transcripts.
  • Processing course registrations.
  • Evaluating credits transferred from other colleges/universities.
  • Auditing graduation requirements.
  • Certifying student status for the Veterans Administration, NAIA, lending institutions, insurance companies, and teacher licensure.
  • Processing reports related to enrollment.

Questions about services provided may be directed to the Registrar's Office, at or 641-784-5220.

Registrar's Office Staff
Peggy Mothershead

Peggy Mothershead
24 FM Smith Library (lower level)
(641) 784-5224  

  • Provide leadership, initiate decisions, and formulate policies regarding registration and academic records.
  • Oversee registration and academic records for all Graceland students.
  • Monitor and evaluate ongoing operations involving registration and academic records.
  • Assists in the development, implementation, and maintenance of Graceland's student systems.
  • College data, generate reports, and provide information to the executive administration of the university as needed for the operation and planning of university programs.
  • Assist with the development, publication, and distribution of the schedule of classes each year; coordinate registration procedures and effectively communicate them to students and faculty; maintain accuracy in each student's schedule as registration changes and individual studies are submitted.
  • Provide accurate, secure, and confidential storage of official records, by monitoring grade entry and grade changes, by monitoring student academic performance, by producing and distributing official transcripts, by evaluating credit transferred from other colleges/universities, College Level Examination Program (CLEP, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and other extra-institutional credit.
  • Maintain accurate annual university catalog of policies and graduation requirements, by providing degree audits, by determining graduation candidacy, and by screening curriculum recommendations and changes.
  • Serve as the official certifying officer of the university for Veteran's Affairs, loan deferments, good-student insurance discounts, etc., certify compliance with the NAIA regulations for intercollegiate athletes, designated recommending official for teacher licensure.
  • Administers the National Student Clearinghouse enrollment and degree verify processes.
  • Resource person to others, internally and externally, regarding academic policies and procedures.
  • Serve on university policy-making committees/councils to assist in ensuring a strong educational program and integrity of the institution.
Diane Armijo

Diane Armijo
Registrar's Assistant
12 FM Smith Library (lower level)
(641) 784-5220

  • Oversees transcript and enrollment/degree verification processing.
  • Provides transfer and exam credit evaluations for Lamoni campus students.
  • Processes graduation audits for Lamoni campus students.
  • Produces diplomas and certificates.
  • Processes arranged/online courses, internships, honors contracts, individual studies, and student petitions.
  • Facilitates processing of at-risk information, grades, incomplete grade contracts and extensions, grade changes, academic honors, and academic dismissals and probation.
  • Assists with publication of the Schedule of Classes.
Ashley Seymour

Ashley Seymour
Transfer and Degree Specialist
Independence Campus
(816) 423-4672

  • Maintains the online degree audit systems.
  • Develops and maintains articulation agreements with other colleges/universities.
  • Maintains TES: Transfer Evaluation System catalog and major course equivalency tables
  • Create, maintain and update Transfer Guides as needed to assist with recruitment of new students.
  • Processes graduation and certificate audits for students enrolled in online and Independence campus programs, and verifies completion of degree requirements for monthly graduation processing.
  • Facilitates processing and recording of experiential learning credits, student petitions, academic forgiveness requests, demonstrated competency, and consortium agreements.
  • Oversees publication of the University Catalog. Maintains web pages.