Good Ideas for Your Mental Health

  • Set a Media Diet- it is nice to have social media, TV, movies and such available to help us feel connected to others. Some people say it actually makes them feel worse! So, we cannot use social media alone and we cannot be on it all day. Try some of these other ways to take care of ourselves listed below.
  • Stay connected- social distancing is necessary to stop the spread of the virus. However, emotional distancing is not what we need as people.  Stay connected by actually talking to others by phone, facetime, Skype or Zoom. Check in with parents, grandparents and those who might also be alone.
  • Dealing with Loneliness or Depression – COVID-19 fatigue is real. It is especially difficult when you add in having to social distance from others. Graceland’s personal counselor may provide services for students. Contact Dee at 641-784-5463 or email at to make an appointment. 
  • Crisis text line-this is a free and anonymous 24/7 hotline available to people who are struggling emotionally.  Text “START” to 741-741 to be connected with a trained crisis counselor.
  • Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK (8255). If you are having suicidal thoughts, they will talk to you and assess whether a other steps might be necessary. Do not just go to the hospital ER without calling ahead due to the virus.

    Check out these interactive helpful sites:

  • Care for Your Coronavirus Anxiety
  • Take Care of Your Spirit   (while some of these involve contact with others, most can be practiced in solitude)


57 Ideas for Self-Care

1. Listen to your favorite music

2. Enjoy a long, warm shower or bubble bath (if available)

3. Go for a walk in

4. Facetime or zoom/connect with a loved one

5. Relax outside

6. Exercise (of your choice)

7. Spiritual prayer time

8. Practice deep breathing

9. Do “stretching” exercises

10. Reflect on your positive qualities:  “I am…”

11. Watch the sunrise/sunset

12. Laugh

13. Concentrate/visualize a relaxing scene in your mind 

14. Create a collage representing “The Real Me”

15. Reflect on: “I appreciate…”

16. Write your thoughts and feelings in a personal journal

17. Read a special book or magazine

18. Sing/hum/whistle a happy tune

19. Play a musical instrument

20. Practice meditation

21. Work with plants (gardening)

22. Learn a new skill

23. See a special play or concert on social media

24. Workout at home with weights/equipment

25. Take a bike ride

26. Make yourself a nutritious snack

27. Draw/paint a picture

28. Do aerobics/dance

29. Smile/say: “I love myself” or other positive compliments

30. Imagine or visualize yourself achieving your goals and dreams

31. Reflect on: “my most enjoyable memories”

32. Enjoy a relaxing nap

33. Practice Yoga

34. Enjoy a cool, refreshing glass of water or fruit juice.

35. Enjoy the beauty of nature... even if only from a window view

36. Count your blessings: “I am Thankful for…”

37. Star gaze

38. Daydream

39. Tell yourself the loving words you want to hear from others

40. Attend a special workshop/class online

41. Create with clay/pottery

42. Practice positive affirmations

43. Pet an animal

44. Watch your favorite TV show or movie

45. Reflect on your successes: “I can…”

46. Write a poem expressing your feelings

47. Relax by watching the clouds

48. Create something nice for yourself

49. Read positive, motivational literature or listen to TED talks

50. Reflect on: “What I value most in life!”

51. Phone or text a a friend

52. Go on a picnic

53. Enjoy a gourmet cup of herbal tea/ coffee

54. Practice a relaxation exercise

55. Practice the art of forgiveness

56. Participate in a hobby

57. Create your own unique list of things that work for you