Web Print Instructions (for current students and employees)    



Print to public Graceland printers using your computer from anywhere on the internet!

On your computer, save the file you want to print as a PDF or a Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint file. Apple iPhones and iPads will not currently allow you to do that, but you can use a Mac or Windows computer as well as any Android device.

Go to, log in with your normal network username and password, click on Web Print in the left hand navigation bar. Pick the number of copies, upload your document and click on Upload & Complete.
When asked to select a printer name, chose any_hp if you want to print to the 4 HP printers (Tess lounge, Gunsolley lounge, Walker lounge, or the smaller printer in the Internet Café), any_bizhub for black and white on the larger Konica Minolta Bizhub printers (like the larger printer in the Internet Café) or any_color to print in color on the color Bizhubs (like the larger printer in the Internet Cafe or the printer in the Resch commons).

Then you can go to the any of the kind of printer you selected, log in by waving your ID card and release the job.

If the lounge printer is out of paper, check with the Head Residence or Receptionist. Don’t forget that in a pinch you can go to the Internet Cafe and release it there too.


More info on where you can print in black and white and color:





Then you can go to any printer on campus, log in and release it to that printer.

Or on the Web Print webpage click on “Jobs pending release” and click on “print” next to the job you want to print. You can then chose any printer of that type on campus to release it to and it will print there.