Spring Semester is just around the corner!
This page has been designed to assist you as you prepare for a successful spring!
In addition, we would like you to be aware that Community Health Center of Southern Iowa will no longer operate the campus clinic.  Students will be served out of the Lamoni clinic location, located just 3 city blocks from our campus.
Please contact the Student Life Office if you have any questions or concerns.
Enjoy the rest of your winter break!

Ext. 5219
Pat Hoffman
Academic Advising Specialist for Transfer Students
Ext. 5083
Diana Jones, Disability Services Director
Ext. 5237
Marcia Core, Follett Manager
General Information Desk
Myrna McLain
Ext. 5067
Technical Support
Sean Putnam
Ext. 5485
Ext. 5412
Diana Jones, Director of the Intercultural Office
*The Intercultural Office is closed when classes are not in session.


Ext. 5222

Peggy Mothershead, Registrar
Ext. 5107
Nate Wood, Residence Life Director


Jen Abraham-White, Peer Mentor
Jan Gray, Career Services
Pat Hoffman, Special Programs
Roger Powell, Writing Center
Ext. 5230
Melinda Graham, Director of Student Activities
Ext. 5130
Jolene Frost
Ext. x5104
Dave Schaal, Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students

Sandi Swanson, Administrative Assistant
Graceland partners with TransIowa to offer Shuttle Service to and from the Kansas City, Missouri Airport on certain dates and times.
Please note: The shuttle service to and from the Des Moines Airport is no longer available.
Please click here to view the shuttle schedule and make a reservation.

Please click here for information about Graceland Student Government.
Agape House President
Eli Martin
Amici House President
Abigail Dodd
Aponivi House President
Dakota Jones
Cheville House President
Brian Guzman
Closson House President
Sherard Anabwani
Faunce House President
Hayden Morlan
Hanthorne House President
Andraya Sowers
Khiyah House President
Julie Probasco
Orion House President
Jared Connell
Paloma House President
Jillian Killpack
Powell House President
Kellen Noa
Sariah House President
Kayla Mountenay
Shalom House President
Casey Main
Solah House President
Grace Martin
Stewart Manor House President
Myles Smith
Tiona House President
Noah Wood

Belonging to something significant and worthwhile is a key component to satisfaction in college.  Your house council leaders will keep you informed of various ways that you can choose to become involved.  In addition, check out  Student Activities , Campus Ministries and a wide range of clubs and organizations !

Clubs and Organizations are primarily student initiated and student driven. It is very possible that if you have a special interest, there is already a club or organization devoted to that area.

YOU can start a group! Simply find a sponsor and contact the Student Activities Office to complete a charter form. The Council on Student Life meets weekly to approve charters.

Anyone interested in joining a club or organization can contact the sponsor or president of that group. Please call the Student Activities Office at 5230 click here  to obtain advisor information.

Residence Life Director
Nate Wood
Jan Gray
Area Coordinators
Graybill / Gunsolley
Alex Carr
Tess Morgan / Walker
Brickell Dotson
Assistant to Hall Directors
Landon Hampton
Tess Morgan/Walker
Nicole Fry
Apartment Managers    
Thomas Apartments
Lauren Macali
Small Apartments
Kinsey Collins

Complete your Enrollment Checklist by January 5, 2020
Please check your Enrollment Checklist periodically throughout the summer, as new items may be added.
Student Employment forms are REQUIRED if you plan to work anywhere on campus. Each form must be completed and submitted prior to being assigned a work study position.

Please click on the following links to complete the necessary forms:
Please click here for additional information regarding student employment.

Thank you!
Jolene Frost
Student Employment Coordinator
Vehicle Registration is REQUIRED if you plan to park ANYWHERE on campus.   The cost of a parking permit for the Spring semester ONLY is $25.00.  Please complete the Vehicle Registration Form if you plan to bring a vehicle to campus. You may pick up your parking permit when you get your photo taken for your University ID card upon arrival to campus.
Vehicle Registrations/Parking Permits MUST be renewed EACH ACADEMIC YEAR!!!
Please click here for additional information regarding parking regulations and a map of parking areas.
Click here to learn about who is required to purchase a meal plan.
Click here for information regarding your meal plan options. Then complete the Meal Plan Selection Form. The deadline to change your meal plan choice is 4pm Friday, January 10, 2020.
Please note: You will be assigned the same meal plan that you had last semester unless you submit another request. If you did not have a meal plan last semester, you will be assigned the 14-meal plan unless you submit a request indicating otherwise.
Graceland partners with TransIowa to offer Shuttle Service to and from the Kansas City, Missouri Airport on certain dates and times.
Due to low demand, the airport shuttle service to and from the Des Moines Airport is no longer available.
Please click here to view the shuttle schedule and make a reservation.
Please click here to complete the Emergency Contact Information Forms.
GU Alert is an emergency notification system that will send a text message to a cell phone or an email address when there is an emergency that needs to be quickly announced to campus.
Messages are sent only in the event of a crisis. Graceland encourages all employees, students and faculty to enter their cell phone number or email address to receive these notices.
To register your cell phone number, correct or change your GU Alert registration, please be sure you are logged into My Graceland and click here.
Please click here to request a quote and/or apply for College Student Property Insurance.
Do you have a computer but you don't have Microsoft Office? Download it for free - see Full Office for FREE for Office 365 on your PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablet.

If you plan to use the TransIowa Shuttle Service, please note that a 24-hour advance reservation is REQUIRED.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to low demand, shuttle services are no longer available on preseason arrival dates.

Cancellations are NOT accepted within 48 hours of the scheduled service.

**If you plan to use TransIowa Shuttle Service from the Kansas City, MO airport,

please view the shuttle schedule PRIOR to making your travel arrangements!!!
Residence Halls Open - 9:00 am Sunday, January 5, 2020
Classes begin on MONDAY, JANUARY 6!!

Sunday, January 5, 2020




10-12noon – ID CARD PHOTOS in the Lower Level of the FM Smith Library, Room 16


11:00am – 1pm – BRUNCH in the Commons (IDs Required)


1-2pm - NON USA STUDENT MEETING in the lower level of the FM Smith Library,         

               Room 16B


2-4pm – NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION in the main floor of the FM Smith Library


4pm- CAMPUS TOUR (Peer Mentors)


5-7pm – EVENING MEAL in the Commons (IDs required)