Agape House President متجر بلاي
Alex Johnson 
Amici House President
Brenee Barrett 
Aponivi House President
Yasmin Yusman
Cheville House President
Peyton Anderson
Closson House President
Andrew Wolsey 
Faunce House President
Max Weesner
Hanthorne House President
Delaney Fox 
Khiyah House President
Arissa Carpenter
Orion House President
Pene Saili
Paloma House President
Mackenzie Klinginsmith
Powell House President
Caleb Weeks
Sariah House President
Breanna Clark
Shalom House President
Joycelyn Dailey 
برنامج الاسطورة
Solah House President
Riley Newendorp
Stewart Manor House President
Samir Goffe
Tiona House President سينمانا
Jack Main

Belonging to something significant and worthwhile is a key component to satisfaction in college.  Your house council leaders will keep you informed of various ways that you can choose to become involved.  In addition, check out  Student Activities , Campus Ministries and a wide range of clubs and organizations !

Clubs and Organizations are primarily student initiated and student driven. It is very possible that if you have a special interest, there is already a club or organization devoted to that area.

YOU can start a group! Simply find a sponsor and contact the Student Activities Office to complete a charter form. The Council on Student Life meets weekly to approve charters.

Anyone interested in joining a club or organization can contact the sponsor or president of that group. Please call the Student Activities Office at 5230 click here  to obtain advisor information.