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The Graceland University Student Handbook is intended to serve as your primary resource for policies, procedures, and information related to student life. It is the responsibility of each student to become familiar and follow the guidelines in the student handbook. If you have any questions regarding the student handbook, contact the Student Life Office ( or 641.784.5104).
Primary resources for academic information are the Academic Affairs Office, the Registrar’s Office and the university catalog.
Education is a continuing and changing process. To keep pace with this process, Graceland University reserves the right to make changes in policies, rules, and regulations published in this handbook without prior notice.
General Information
GU Vision, Mission & Values (.docx, 19K)
Academic Policies (.docx, 19K)
Code of Conduct (.docx, 60K)
Policies and Regulations (.docx, 68K)
Services & Facilities (.docx, 69K)
Traditions & Trivia (.docx, 25K)
Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy (.doc, 85K)
Where To Go For What (.docx, 38K)
Residence Life
On Campus Housing Terms and Conditions (.pdf, 219K)
Rules and policies regarding university provided housing.
Residence Hall Personnel (.docx, 25K)
Residence Hall Rules & Regulations (.docx, 96K)
Residence Hall Services (.docx, 20K)
Student Life
Student Life (.docx, 32K)
Conduct Agreement for Off-Campus Events (.doc, 35K)
Housing Contract for Students Under the Age of 18 Years of Age (.pdf, 231K)
This contract needs to be printed out and signed by the student and the parent and mailed back to the University.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.