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I am delighted you have chosen Graceland University. You may wish to mark My Graceland as your home page as you will return here often during your student days. Everything you need to know is included – an enrollment checklist to make sure you have taken care of all the details, how to select (or change) a meal plan, when to arrive, what to bring and many, many other topics.
Please check this checklist regularly for updates!

Once you have paid your deposit, logging into My Graceland will allow you to see your grades and your student account. This site is to give you access to personalized and general information. Much of the information you will need can be found under the Resources Tab.
It is my desire to help you fulfill your dreams. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or if there are any other ways I can assist you as you transition to the university. Hopefully soon this will feel like your home away from home.
Welcome to Graceland!
Dave Schaal
Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students

Click  here for more information about Graceland Student Government! 
GSG President
Kyle Macali 
Speaker of the Senate
Brooke Lavery 
COSA President
Madi Warner 
ASC President
Olivia Tubman 
Intramural Director
Emily Martz 
CHP President
Dani Thorngate 
CHC President
Karl Bradford 
Steve Hensley
Haley Larson
Elizabeth Reynolds
Dylan Foster
Kirk Peterson
Natalie Sherer
Ben Landers

Savannah Ruby
Lynley Closson
Chase Clausen
Courtney Tripp
Cody Blentlinger
Hannah Henson
Brooke Beytin
Keeley Brunner
Stewart Manor
Andrew Galbraith

Belonging to something significant and worthwhile is a key component to satisfaction in college.  Your house council leaders will keep you informed of various ways that you can choose to become involved.  In addition, check out  Student Activities , Campus Ministries and a wide range of clubs and organizations !

Clubs and Organizations are primarily student initiated and student driven. It is very possible that if you have a special interest, there is already a club or organization devoted to that area.

YOU can start a group! Simply find a sponsor and contact the Student Activities Office to complete a charter form. The Council on Student Life meets weekly to approve charters.

Anyone interested in joining a club or organization can contact the sponsor or president of that group. Please call the Student Activities Office at 5230 click here  to obtain sponsor information.

Ext. 5200
Catharine Craig, CAP Center Director
Jessica Triggs, CAP Center Secretary
Ext. x5237
Marcia Core, Manager
Ext. x5372
Benna Easter, Director of Health Services/Family Nurse Practitioner
Peggy F. Geiger, Office Manager
Ext. x5067
Myrna McLain
Kathy McElroy
Ext. x5412
Diana Jones, Director of International Programs
Peggy F. Geiger, Office Manager
Ext. x5235
Jessica Cross, Mailroom Supervisor
Ext. 5107
Deb Skinner, Residence Life Director
Sandi Swanson, Secretary
Ext. 5105
Stephanie Farrell, Shuttle Services Coordinator
Ext. x5230
Brad Carr, Director of Student Activities
Kelsey Gries, Student Activities Secretary
Sherri Brenizer, Department Manager
Ext. x5104
Dave Schaal, Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students
Christi Dickerson, Administrative Assistant

Complete your Enrollment Checklist by January 5, 2015!
Check your Graceland email account for housing placement and roommate information
Purchase renters insurance (recommended)
Student Employment forms are REQUIRED if you plan to work anywhere on campus.  Each form must be completed and submitted prior to being assigned a work study position.

Please click on the following links to complete the necessary forms:
Please click here for additional information regarding student employment.

Thank you!
Sue Cox    
Vehicle Registration is REQUIRED if you plan to park anywhere on campus.  Please complete the Vehicle Registration Form.  You may pick up your parking permit when you get your photo taken for the University ID card upon arrival to campus.
Please click here for additional information regarding parking regulations and a map of parking areas.
Click here for information regarding your meal plan options.  Then complete the Meal Plan Selection Form.  The deadline to change your meal plan choice is 4pm Friday, January 30th.
Shuttle Service to and from the Des Moines, Iowa and Kansas City, Missouri Airports is offered on certain dates.    Please review the schedule prior to purchasing airline tickets!  Please click here for the Shuttle Schedule and Reservation Form.
GU Alert is an emergency notification system that will send a text message to a cell phone or to an email address when there is an emergency that needs to be quickly announced to campus. 
Messages are sent only in the event of a crisis.  Graceland encourages all employees, students and faculty to enter their cell phone number or email address to receive these notices.
To register your cell phone number, correct or change your GU Alert registration, please be sure you are logged into My Graceland and click here.

Residence Life Director
Deb Skinner
Sandi Swanson
Hall Directors
Clayton Troxell
Colby Connely
Tess Morgan
Alex Martinez
Jessi Ruckman
Assistant to Hall Directors
Tanner Koch
Tess Morgan
Sara Ruckman
Jessie Dotson
Apartment Managers    
Small Apartments (525 South Cedar)
Bryan Tidwell
Thomas Apartments (700 College Avenue)
Alex Carr

Graceland's Unique Student Government and Housing System
Quick Overview of Student Government and Housing (.ppt, 243K)
A password box will appear, simply click "OK" three times.  We apologize for this inconvenience.
Residence Hall Living
Residence Hall Shopping List (.pdf, 284K)
Residence Hall Guide (.pdf, 463K)
Residence Hall FAQs (.pdf, 114K)
Residence Hall Room Dimensions
Graybill Hall (.pdf, 34K)
Gunsolley Hall (.pdf, 34K)
North Tess Morgan (.pdf, 22K)
South Tess Morgan (.pdf, 19K)
Walker Hall (.pdf, 22K)
West Tess Morgan (.pdf, 22K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.