Every possible effort will be made to have all mail and parcels received by the Graceland University Mailroom prepared for receipt by the addressee the day it is received.
In order for the Graceland University Mailroom to provide efficient service, it is vitally important that all incoming pieces are addressed correctly. An incomplete or incorrect address will cause a delay in delivery. The following is the most effective way for mail to be addressed to our campus:
Name of Recipient
Delivery Point*
Graceland University
1 University Place
Lamoni, Iowa 50140
*The Graceland Mailroom has two Delivery Point categories on the Graceland University Campus. They are: Mail Box Number and Division Box Name.
The Mail Box Number is the numeric number assigned to a Student Mail Box.
The recognized Division Box Names are:
  • Academic Affairs/Dean of Faculty
  • Accounting
  • Admissions
  • Athletics
  • Business Services
  • Campus Ministries
  • CAP Center
  • Creative Media Center (CMC)
  • Development
  • Educational Talent Search
  • Enactus
  • Facility Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Follet Bookstore
  • Food Services (SODEXO)
  • Football
  • Health Services
  • Humanities
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology Services
  • Independence Campus - 
          Nursing Program
          Outreach Bookstore
          Grabski Library
          College of Professional Studies
  • Institutional Effectiveness/Institutional Research
  • Instructional Technology
  • International Programs
  • President's Office
  • Registrar
  • Residence Life
  • Sandage Center for the Study of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • School of Education
  • Science and Math
  • Social Science/Business Division
  • Student Activities
  • Student Life
  • Visual and Performing Arts
Any mail or parcels that are received addressed to "Graceland University" and no other discriminator will be forwarded to Business Services.
In the event of a conflict between box number or division name and an individual's name, the delivery will be made to the delivery point, either the box number or the division name.
Any U.S. parcel, DHL, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, or United Parcel Service addressed to a student will be logged into the Graceland Mailroom and a notification will be placed in the appropriate Graceland University Mail Box. The Recipient must present a photo ID and sign for the parcel.
Mail and parcels addressed to one of the other delivery points will be delivered to that point as quickly as possible; our goal is to have all deliveries made prior to 3 p.m. that day.
All requests to change any of the above listed Mailroom Delivery Points must be made in writing to the Graceland University Mailroom Supervisor.
When mail and parcels are received in the Graceland University Mailroom, if there is a concern with the address, a note will be attached to the item by the Graceland University Mailroom with a request for the recipient to ask the sender to correct the address. Please ask the sender to use the following format:
Name of Recipient
Delivery Point
Graceland University
1 University Place
Lamoni, Iowa 50140

Address Correction Help

USPS Form 3576 - This is an official form that can be purchased from the Graceland University Mailroom for a minimal charge. Complete the sender's address and your corrected address in the appropriate boxes and drop it in the mail box; this provides the sender with an official request for an address update.
Periodicals - Many periodicals will change the address with a  request from the recipient. The address, website, and telephone number for the majority of these publications can be found at the bottom of the table of contents page in small type. Contact the vendor with an address change request.
The number of shipments being received and returned to Staples Office Products has grown tremendously. Please ensure that Staples Office Products has your correct shipping address in the following format:
Name of Recipient
Delivery Point
Graceland University
1 University Place
Lamoni, Iowa 50140
When a shipment must be returned, please do the following:
  1. Enter the Staples Office Product website at: StaplesLink.com via the internet.
  2. Locate the return process and complete the appropriate information; print out two copies.
  3. Place one copy in the return box, seal the box, and attach the other copy to the outside of the box.
  4. Drop the box off to the Graceland University Mailroom.
  5. Any shipping charges will be reflected on the department's billing from Staples Office Products.