Transfer In Procedures

Transferring to Graceland University from another USA. school?  Students will work with their Admissions Counselor to assist them with the process.  Once you arrive on-campus, report to the International Programs Office within 10 days of the program start date on your I-20 to have a new I-20 printed that states you completed your transfer within the guidelines of Immigration Regulations. 

Transfer Out Procedures to another U.S. School

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After you complete a SEVIS transfer, go through the Graceland Withdraw Process in the Student Life Office. If you are officially or unofficially withdrawn from Graceland University prior to completing a SEVIS transfer you may be TERMINATED in SEVIS and you would be OUT of F-1 STATUS.

1. Inform your current school (Graceland) International Programs Office of your intent to transfer.

2. The schools you apply to may send you a form to give to Graceland International Programs Office. Make sure you sign the form to release Graceland and allow us to share your information with another school. Graceland International Programs completes it and will send it to the school you applied to. This form usually asks if you have maintained your F-1 Status, last day of enrollment, if you paid your bills, and if you were authorized for any off-campus employment.

3. Once you decide which school you will transfer to, you need to contact your Current International Programs Office (Graceland) to enter a date of release from Graceland, the school you will transfer to, and the semester you plan to start classes at the new school into the Immigration SEVIS system.

4. Complete the International Programs withdrawal form, available in the International Programs Office.

5. The school you will transfer to will look into the SEVIS system and see that Graceland has released you. When the release date has passed, they will be able to issue you a new SEVIS I-20.

6. If you change your mind and the release date has not passed, you can go to the International Programs Office at Graceland to change the information.

7. If you change your mind and the release date has passed, you will have to contact the Transfer school to change your record in SEVIS. This is not a good option so it is wise to be sure of your decision before finalizing it in SEVIS. Sometimes this may involve you traveling to the school, registering, and then withdrawing before they will be able to correct your record.

8. Once you have your new SEVIS I-20, you will need to report to your new International Office within 15 days of the program start date printed on the new I-20. Schools usually wait to give you the I-20 until your report to them if you are not traveling out of the USA prior to attendance. If you are leaving the country, you will need to have the new I-20 to use when you enter the USA to start at your new school.

9. Be sure to keep all copies of prior I-20’s for your records.