Students will be allowed to stay on campus during Thanksgiving and Spring Break. There will be additional charges to students who choose to stay during this time.

The residence halls will be closed to students between the end of Fall Semester and the beginning of Spring Semester. The residence halls are closed for students until the beginning of Spring Semester.

The residence halls will usually close at 9:00a.m. the morning following the announced Thanksgiving Break, 9:00am the morning after the last finals in December, 5:00pm on the last day of class prior to spring break, and 3:00pm for non-graduates on Commencement day. However, these times are subject to change and will be announced prior to the break.

Students who wish to remain during Thanksgiving and Spring Break will be required to notify the Residence Life Office in adavance. There will be additional charges for failing to notify within this time limit. Emails will be sent to all students in advance notifiying them of their break housing options and deadlines.

Students will be responsible for finding their own housing between Fall semester and Winter Term.

Please contact the Residence Life Office with questions regarding housing.