Mission : International club will advocate student needs, organize educational programs, plan fun activities, support Graceland activities, and support our members by attending their Graceland events including sports, honors programs, theatre and art shows, etc. 
Vision : We strive to become a recognized organization where everyone is encouraged in a supportive, fun environment in order to build bridges and broaded perspectives in the larger community.
Values: International Club values diversity, growth, respect, involvement, and most of all FUN!!! WE encourage the adoption of these values for the betterment of the individual, the organization, and the communities around us.
International Club President 2019-2020
Etna Zeneli
International Club Vice President 2019-2020
International Club Social Media Director 2019-2020
International Club Business Manager 2019-2020
Latinx Student Alliance: We honor our cultures, empowering people to grow as ONE!
Latinx Student Alliance President 2019-2020
Armando Payan
Faculty Sponsor: Jonathan Montalvo Roman (montal1@graceland.edu)

Thursday, August 22nd-Friday, August 23rd!

We look forward to seeing you back in the Fall.

Leading Through Relationships

What is your role as a leader?

How will you help new members or friends of members feel included in your group?

How will you start to mentor future leaders?


Setting the Tone

What is the purpose of having a meeting?

How will you handle differences of opinion?

Do you need to meet regularly? Why or why not?

Where and when will you meet?

Who do we talk to about reserving locations?

How will you know a meeting went well?

Knowing the Structure

Why is it good to know the structure of an organization?

Who can you collaborate with to help you accomplish the mission and goals of your organization?

Tools for the Journey

Who will manage budget and permission forms?

Who will track attendance at meetings and events?

Who will help with publicity for your organization?

Who will keep the evaluations and documentations of your events?

Who do you know that is authorized to drive a Graceland Cruiser?

Polynesian Club President 2019-2020

Jonah Poe

Polynesian Club Secretary 2019-2020

Polynesian Club Treasurer 2019-2020