Diana Jones, Director of the Intercultural Office

Newcom Student Union, Room 31

Phone: 641.784.5083

E-mail: dianaj@graceland.edu


Welcome to the Intercultural Office!

The Intercultural Office is located in the Newcom Student Union on the Mezzanine (Office 31).

Office hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm August 1 - May 31

During the summer months of June and July please contact the Student Life Office at (641) 784-5104 for assistance.

The Intercultural Office serves the international students at Graceland University-Lamoni Campus. The primary function of the office is to provide students assistance in the adjustment to life in the United States and at Graceland. The office serves as liaison between the international students and various university offices, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) , embassies, consulates, and off-campus constituencies. Some of the services provided are:
  • Transition Class for the first semester to provide connections, support and resources
  • Advising for immigration regulations and procedures
  • General counseling
  • Email Updates
  • Maintaining student records
  • Providing Embassy and Consulate Contacts in US
  • International Club support
  • Latino Club support
  • Polynesian Club support
  • Assisting with cultural events for the campus community
  • Helping international students understand US Tax Compliance
  • 24/7 Emergency contact for international students with Director
  • Open welcoming office, centrally located on campus, to just drop by and visit


Building Relationships to Last a Lifetime

International Student Orientation

Graceland wants to help you be successful during your time here and in the USA.  Orientation is very important in helping you to adjust to a new environment and culture. During this orientation, you will learn about the resources in Lamoni, Iowa and Graceland Univeristy that will help you during your time as a student. You will learn about the very important immigration regulations that you need to follow while in the USA.We will be getting to know each other and having fun!  Students who are Transferring into Graceland also need to attend!

Student employment forms are available online. Scroll and in the right column you find the forms for International Students. Many of the forms need to be completed differently than a US resident, therefore, it is advised that you seek assistance from Intercultural Office when completing the the following forms; W4 (federal and Iowa) & I-9.  You will complete the Student Employment Application first then find a job, then apply for a Social Security Number (inform Intercultural Office who will assist you), then complete the other forms once you have your SSN.  
نظام نور للنتائج

·             Part-time Enrollment Authorization

·             Off-Campus Work Authorzation ( OPT , CPT and Severe Economic Hardship) تحميل يوتيوب

·             Extension of Program (Extend expiring I-20 prior to completion date shown on current I-20)

·             Transfer Outمتجر play

·             Withdrawal Form تحميل لعبة pubg

·             Reinstatement Application متجر play متجر بلاي متجر التطبيقات تنزيل متجر التطبيقات متجر بلاي واتس ويب واتساب تنزيل

International students (F-1 status students) are only eligible to receive Social Security numbers when they have a job or job offer. برنامج الاسطورة

If you get a job, you must apply for a US Social Security number to be paid. Contact the Intercultural Office for assistance in completing the application and to verify that you have all appropriate supporting documents (letter from Intercultural Office Director, Letter from Human Resources verifying job, Application, Passport, I-94, Visa, and I-20). The social security application form is available online or you can pick up an application in the Intercultural Office. The Intercultural Office  will arrange a time to go to the Social Security Office if there are enough people to make the trip cost effective.  You need to plan on going to Social Security in the month that you are hired. ببجي لايت
Once your receive your Social Security Number, it is your number for the rest of your life!  Don't lose the card as it is difficult to replace.  Keep the number safe and do not give this number out without knowing clearly why.  There is a lot of identity theft in the USA and the Social Security number used in stealing identity. تحميل ببجي

Transcript request, request enrollment verification and other forms are available by clicking here .
For questions or directions on these forms please contact InfoCentral in the MSC.youtube download

All non-US residents (as defined by IRS) are required to file a United States tax form regardless of financial income. Filing taxes does not necessarily mean that you owe taxes. Tax forms are available from the Internal Revenue Service . Some students will only need to complete form 8843 and others will need to complete form 1040NR-EZ or 1040NR as well. If you have questions about which forms you will need, contact the Intercultural Office. In January, you will receive a W-2 form from your employer(s), please make sure to keep this as well as any other documents you receive for tax filing purposes. Deadline for mailing tax returns is April 15th. يلا شوت مباريات اليوم

Some students may need to complete state tax forms.  For access to state forms click here

Usuallly Graceland University has volunteers to assist you in completing tax forms. Information will be given at the beginning of Spring Semester if tax assistance is available. تحميل واتساب
Recent Graceland Alumni  will be sent  an email in March giving information on how to complete their tax forms.  If you do not receive and email by the middle of March please contact the Intercultural Office. واتساب ويب

The Canadian Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate (TL11A) will be mailed to your home address in Canada in early February. For questions about this form please contact Graceland Accounting Services Cashier in Accounting Services.  You may reach the cashier by phone at 641.784.5129. سينمانا

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Click  How to Call Abroad for assistance on calling to and from any country. متجر بلاي