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HLC Visit '17: Five Criteria

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) will review Graceland based on five criteria:

     1) Mission

     2) Integrity

     3) Teaching and Learning Quality, Resources & Support

     4) Teaching and Learning Evaluation & Improvement

     5) Institutional Effectiveness

Each criterion includes 3-5 core components and these are more specifically defined by a set of Assumed Practices that identify minimum standards.  On behalf of the federal government, HLC will also determine whether we meet 10 Federal Compliance standards. 

Over the next few weeks, we will share each of these elements with you, one at a time.  During this time, various community committees will be developing responses to each element and any input you want to provide will be considered as we work.  You will soon be invited to participate in a survey as well.  

HLC Visit ... coming soon to the GU campus near you... Spring 2017!

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