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Great news! Step 1 of Graceland’s 10-year, comprehensive accreditation (HLC) review is complete!

The Quality Initiative Committee (QIC) worked for three years to experiment with various professional development opportunities and, last spring, made their recommendation for a permanent professional development function for the Lamoni Campus.  Independence Campus has a history of scheduling professional development events for all employees. The committee’s recommendation to open the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), led by Michele Dickey Kotz, will extend training opportunities to all Lamoni Campus employees as well. 

You can find a summary of the QIC committee’s work on the HLC Accreditation page in My Graceland > Resources > Institutional Research or clicking here. This report was written by the committee and submitted to HLC to meet the requirement that institutions develop and conduct a self-improvement initiative during the three years prior to an HLC review.  Graceland’s ten-year review is scheduled for March 6 and 7, 2017.  The HLC team read the report and concluded that…


One of the notable aspects of the Quality Initiative (QI) at Graceland University (GU) is the extent to which the goals and projects have evolved over time… in response to community feedback, the QI focused on teaching and learning within and outside the classroom, with particular emphasis on underprepared or differently-prepared students. This willingness to allow this project to evolve has been critical to its success…GU presented ample and convincing evidence that it was seriously engaged with this process…Overall this has been a highly successful QI, and the faculty and staff at GU appear committed to continuing the work.” 


Great thanks for this initial success go to QI Chair Brian Smith and members Teri Foster, Jeff McElroy, Michele Dickey Kotz, Julia Franklin, Brad Brewster, Ondrea Dory, Christi Dickerson, Katie Bash, Gary Heisserer, and Debbi Leialoha.  Thanks also to the lifelong learners who facilitated or attended the many learning sessions provided by the QIC.  You can join the commitment to “continuing the work” by joining the efforts of the new Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (formerly the South Americas Room).  Contact Michele Dickey Kotz if you have ideas or questions. 

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