Welcome HLC Team!

We are at your service, before, during and after your visit. We will provide a Lamoni Campus workspace for you on the second floor of the Higdon Administration Building near the offices of President Sellars and Interim Chief Academic Officer Brian White. We are located just upstairs on the third floor and want to be as accommodating as possible. For Independence Campus visitors, the Kirkpatrick Conference Room, the Vice President for Independence Campus, and support staff will be available on the third floor. Many Gracelanders have been involved in preparing for your visit and are looking forward to working and learning with you.

Katie Bash, Vice President Institutional Effectiveness, clauson@graceland.edu, 641.784.5064

Gary Heisserer, Director of Assessment

Jim Uhlenkamp, Director of Institutional Research

Stephanie Shields, Administrative & Research Assistant



The document shows a screen shot of the video and the link.

Direct link to video: www.graceland.edu and scroll past the events.

(.pdf, 104K)